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The Ultimate Guide to Profit from YouTube in 2020


Profit from YouTube is no longer unknown to everyone, whether those interested in the field of work and profit via the Internet or ordinary people in the real society, as profit from YouTube has become an actual thing that anyone can actually touch and see, and therefore there is no need to mention that profit from YouTube is possible and you can really make a lot of money through YouTube.

Also, there are many concrete examples that I have definitely seen one of them, and here some people began to question about this method of profit, which many people have relied on as a good source of income, so as we are accustomed to the marketer site to provide comprehensive evidence, we will try in this comprehensive guide to collect for you Everything related to the field of profit from YouTube, in addition to the most important tips and strategies that you must follow in order to become a successful YouTuber and distinguished from all your competitors on the YouTube platform.

We will also advise, for beginners, how to start in this field and what are the most important things that you should put in your considerations before starting to create your YouTube channel. All these matters and more will be covered in detail and with adequate explanation so that you can get all the answers to your questions, and also as a gift From us at the marketer site, I will propose to you a strategy by which it can top YouTube search results within 48 hours, so let’s not extend the introduction to the topic any longer and start directly with our topic.

What is unique about YouTube and what makes it a successful project for everyone?

You may ask yourself now and say why is YouTube in particular that I should be working on, unlike other platforms? In short, my friend, YouTube is the second search engine after Google in terms of the number of users, and therefore YouTube is no longer a place to display videos that users intend to entertain themselves in their spare time.

This is because a large group of users are using YouTube as a search engine just like Google, through which they search for anything they want to know, whether solving a problem or learning a new hobby or other things, and the reason for this is that all users or the vast majority prefer visual content. About textual content, therefore, everyone resorts in the first place to search for videos, whether to solve a problem or otherwise, as we mentioned, one of the statistics indicates that the user prefers to watch a 5-minute video than read a text that takes 10 minutes to finish and this is very normal.

Thus, my friend, this impression led to the diversity of the fields offered on the YouTube platform very greatly, so now if you do any search on YouTube on any topic, you will definitely find many specialized channels, so YouTube is an opportunity for all users who have a passion or talent In presenting something or have some ideas and strategies that they want to present to people; Consequently, all of them, including you, you can start in the field of providing content via YouTube without any obstacles. All that is in it is to see the experiences of others and to be keen on providing good content, and you will reach what you want, God willing.

What are the requirements to start working on YouTube and how do you get started?

Certainly it is self-evident that you should create a YouTube channel to start working on YouTube, but in fact, if you are a beginner and are still in the beginning, there are some very important things that you should think about carefully and greatly, and therefore these requirements make creating The YouTube channel is a relatively late step, so what are these requirements? I’ll go over it for you in detail below because as I mentioned at the beginning this article is a comprehensive beginner’s guide.

First: an innovative and creative idea

One of the very important and necessary things that everyone overlooks is the matter of getting an idea for your YouTube channel. Always know, my dear friend, that a successful idea is the basis of every successful project and therefore you must make sure to present a creative idea different from others, and this matter is achieved When you are proficient in the field that you present and are passionate about it and follow everything that is new in it, and of course choosing the field or the niche is a very important thing, especially if the goal of the channel is profit and we talked about how to choose a profitable niche in the article “The Comprehensive Guide for Choosing a Profitable Niche Year 2020 ”

All advanced and professional YouTube channels find that their owners or the channel-based team are very passionate about what they offer, so my advice to you, my friend, is to always make sure to present what you love in addition to that you should study the content you provide and determine the extent of its audience in the community in which you live and the extent Search for it.

For example, the interests of the eastern community differ from the interests of the Arab community and other examples, and knowing the extent of publicity in any field is not a big deal, as you can easily learn this through some tools that show you the most searched words in your area and the simplest free tool that can be used in So easily is the  keywordplanner, and there are many other advanced tools, but as long as we are talking about beginners, this tool is more than great.

You can also use social media platforms to find out about this also through groups and other things, all of these things will help you very much, it is very wrong to start randomly and do not imitate others, but try to acquire your own idea.

Second: Necessary skills that you must learn or seek help from others who have them.

Certainly, in order to be able to provide good content that attracts attention, you need to learn some of the skills that will improve the final image presented to the audience, which will help you very much to grow your channel and make it distinctive among its competitors.

1. Speaking and recitation

One of the very necessary skills for content owners is to have the ability to speak, meet and communicate mentally with users in a great way, because enjoying these features effectively attracts the viewer, and the simplest example of this is the presence of channels that provide the same content, however you find that one channel has the largest share of subscribers. Views and the reason is the way the channel is managed, delivered, and communicated with the audience.

2. Photography

Of course photography is an art of the arts, and it is the main factor in establishing the quality of the content, the higher the quality of photography of your channel content, the more the channel appears professionally, there are many photography skills that you can learn at the lowest cost and will help you very much to improve your content.

3. Edit videos

It is also necessary to know the basic things about editing videos, although the best option is always to learn a video montage program in order to be able to display your videos professionally, and personally I see that good montage is one of the most important things about the success of YouTube channels, and in general, Udemy contains A huge amount of courses related to photography and montage.

Third: Marketing for your channel

After completing all the necessary skills to improve the quality of the content, it is definitely necessary for you to have some marketing experience in order to be able to promote your channel and get new subscribers, there are many simple marketing methods that you can do without any additional cost, such as exploiting groups on social networking sites, which It has a large audience that is interested in what it has to offer, and so much more.

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Also, one of the most important things that can help you market your channel and get the largest number of views and subscribers is by appearing in the first search results on Google and YouTube in what is known as YouTube ‘s SEO , and here I advise you this comprehensive guide entitled “The result is # 1 in YouTube in a year 2020 ”, which we have previously touched upon this matter in detail, and indeed a very large number of visitors have benefited from it.

How to create a channel for profit from YouTube:

The process of creating a YouTube channel is very easy and does not require any experience from you and has already been explained in hundreds of videos on YouTube, you only need to have an account on Google, and if you do not have an account, you can easily create an account through this link then you will go to The YouTube home page and you click on the account icon at the top left of the page, then after that you choose the settings from the drop-down list, as shown in the image below:

Here, my dear friend, you click on the Create a New Channel link from the settings window that appears directly in front of you:
After pressing the Create New Channel button, you will be taken directly to a new window to specify the name of the channel. By default, you can name the channel by your name, but in order to make the channel look professional, you must name it with another name. You can do that by clicking on the “Use Name” option Or a commercial activity ”as shown in the picture below:
Once you choose the name of the channel and finish the settings, then you have your YouTube channel and you can publish your content with success, but I would like to point out that these main settings and I explained them to you to prove that creating a channel is free and very simple, but of course there are other important things such as writing a brief about the channel and inserting How to communicate and upload the cover and logos of the channel, and these things.

After completing all the previous things, you must now start supplying your channel with videos and content continuously and consistently, and here is my advice to you that you must continue to publish videos steadily, even if you do not have a large audience in your early periods, you must also adhere to the deadlines that you stipulated On yourself to post your videos.

After making sure that this point is completed, you are thus qualified for the next point, which is marketing your channel in order to get a large number of followers. Do everything you can and you will arrive with the grace of God.

How to market your YouTube channel:

Certainly the marketing process is an important process and it has a lot of specialists who do this work to the fullest, but there are some very important initial points that will help you greatly in marketing your channel.

1. The most important thing, and it is free, is to adhere to the SEO rules for YouTube. This is the most important thing for you and to choose good thumbnails. We have previously talked about all of these matters in a comprehensive guide on the marketer’s site that you can view through this link.

2. Using social media platforms and creating pages and groups to publish the content of your channel and using your friends and companions on social media platforms in order for your channel content to reach the largest number possible. My advice to you here is about choosing the platforms and groups to be published on first, so you must take into account that these groups have a relationship With the content you provide, otherwise you will not get any benefit from publishing on it, it is not random.

3. Try to take advantage of popular topics that are widespread among the audience and link them to the content of your channel, indeed this is an important point, for example you can search on google trends to know the most popular topics and start talking about them, believe me if you focus on this point beside me the search results will get many views Very much and your channel will be successful in the least possible time.

4. If you have the financial ability, you can make paid ads on YouTube, Facebook , Google, or Bing . All of these are very good advertising platforms and attract thousands of visitors, but I recommend YouTube only at the beginning.

5. You can also create a blog for your channel and convert YouTube content to text content, to get new followers through Google searches, and as for how to create a website, we also discussed it in the article “The best way to create a website and profit from it for a year 2020 “ You can view it and you will find in it very important information for you as a beginner and a professional.

6. Try to take advantage of people on YouTube who offer the same field as yours or any other fields that can be related to your field, try to conclude some agreements with them so that everyone gets the benefit, and this, my friend, is known as marketing by influencers, and as for marketing by influencers before And we talked about it in detail in the article “Marketing by influencers and all you need to know in order to maximize your profits” I strongly advise you to read it, as it is very important.

7. Also one of the very smart strategies that come with amazing results is to do some contests that attract followers and help spread your channel. Believe me, this thing has a good effect. People by nature love contests.

The beginning of monetization from YouTube:

Now, after creating your YouTube channel and extending the channel with videos and good content and marketing your channel through the points we mentioned earlier, you can start getting money from YouTube, and for the content creator on YouTube, they must subscribe to the YouTube Partner Program, but you must first know that there are conditions to join YouTube Partner Program, which must be available to activate the profit from the channel, and these conditions are as follows:


  1. The channel is in compliance with YouTube profit policies.
  2. The YouTube Partner Program is available in the country in which you reside, and you can find out about it through  the following link.
  3. Get at least 1,000 subscribers.
  4. 4000+ watch hours in the last 12 months.
  5. Have a Google Adsense account and link to the channel.

The YouTube Partner Program application consists of four terms and steps:

  1. Read and agree to the terms of the YouTube Partner Program.
  2. Subscribe to AdSense or link your Google Adsense account to the channel.
  3. Set your ads preferences, i.e. what kind of videos you want to display on your channel.

Once you have completed and submitted the request to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube will review the channel to ensure that it adheres to YouTube’s terms, and you will be answered within a month, usually less than that.

Also, there is another thing, which is that profit from YouTube is not only limited to Google Adsense, there are dozens of ways, including product review or affiliate marketing, which are considered one of the most popular methods at the present time, and you can review this comprehensive guide to know this in detail.

Some of the important questions that all those looking for profit from YouTube are looking for:

What is the profit rate of YouTube, and are there factors that can lead to a difference in the profit rate?

The profit rate on YouTube ranges from half a dollar to 3 dollars per thousand views approximately, but it is the lowest rate for Arabic content, and the profit rate varies because it depends on many variables, the most important of which are:

  • Geolocation of viewers

The geographical area of ​​the audience following your channel plays a big role in determining profit, for example the western viewer differs from the eastern viewer due to the diversity of countries and the resources of each country and other things.

  • The type of content you provide or the channel’s specialty

The type of content that you provide also plays a big role in determining the profit of the channel, in fact that it is not related to the nature of the content but rather it is related to the ads displayed in your videos, for example if your channel specializes in displaying hardware for electronic devices, most of the ads accompanying the videos will be linked In this regard, largely because the owner of any advertisement tries to target the group interested in what it offers, in addition to the fact that the price of viewing each advertisement differs from the other.

  • The time period for the video

Certainly, the longer the video lasts, the more profit you can get, because the number of watching hours will increase, and accordingly, the three-minute video earns less money than another 20-minute video, but keep in mind that for beginners in the YouTube field, you should always try to reduce From the length of the video in order to attract viewers and followers more, the more you can present an innovative idea in a short time, the more followers you can get.

What is copyright on YouTube?

It is also necessary to know the copyright of YouTube, in order not to expend effort in the manufacture of the video, and it is banned, for example, due to violating one of the copyright clauses, so first check the copyright of YouTube through this link. This point is very important and capable of destroying any channel and closing it, so pay close attention to it.

The best profitable domains or niches on YouTube:

Certainly, providing content that belongs to your passion is definitely the best option, but at the same time there are some people who prefer to know the profitable areas on YouTube that have a large audience, so we will also try in this comprehensive guide to explain to you the most profitable areas on YouTube, and as I previously mentioned that You can also study it yourself by reviewing the article “The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Profitable Niche in 2020” .

1. Games

Games channels are very popular these days, whether channels that display the latest games, or channels that broadcast live while playing many popular games, in addition to that the games have clearly and radically developed in recent times, so if you have the ability to present and review the latest Games In addition to having all the capabilities that help you play the latest games, feel free to create a channel right away.

2. Fitness and health

Many people, whether interested in the world of fitness and maintaining their health or others, are always interested in listening to fitness programs and things that maintain their health, so if you are a nutritionist, fitness trainer or just a hobbyist and you have tried many dietary patterns and you have the experience, you can Earn money by creating a YouTube channel and at the same time it will be of great benefit to people.

3. Reviews of electronic gadgets, phones or others

We are in the age of technology and everything is developing rapidly, and for technical devices, cars and other things, it is developing very quickly, and in addition to that these fields have a large range of followers, except that if a normal person decides to buy a product on any day, he will resort Directly to YouTube to see reviews that display this product honestly and honestly, so if you have the ability to provide any type of reviews for one of the products that followers consume, you can create a channel and display your experiences with ease.

4. Health

Channels that care about health and a quick presentation of some drugs, how to prevent some spreading diseases and other things are very fruitful, but you have to be academically qualified first before you think about this option, and therefore if you are a doctor or enrolled in a medical college, you can use this method to gain the money.

5. Cooking and dining channels

The channels specializing in displaying recipes for how to cook some famous foods, how to cook for beginners, and other things related to cooking also have a lot of followers, in addition to the fact that some consider it as an entertainment at times.

6. Travel and excursions

One of the most profitable areas on YouTube is also the channels that display sights in different countries and display the customs and traditions of different countries and other interesting things. These channels have a wide audience of followers, but they will definitely need a large cost as you will have to travel to different countries and photograph Its region is famous in professional ways, but it is for a wonderful money, so if you really have the ability to do this and can move between different countries, you can create your channel now.

7. Educational channels

Channels that provide educational lessons, whether in the technical field, in the field of language, or in any of the different fields, can gain a large number of followers, especially because most educational courses have become at exorbitant prices, so if you can combine quality in displaying information with simplicity, I promise you The profit from YouTube is achieved wonderfully.

8. Entertainment and entertainment

Although YouTube contains many educational channels that offer professional courses, there are still many users who go to YouTube for entertainment, so if you have the talent and the ability to please others, you can create your channel and display your talent with ease.

Important tips about profit from YouTube:

1. Always try to preserve the elements of innovation and creativity

All the people who have achieved success on YouTube have been creative and are always trying to get new ideas, so if you want to enter the race in the YouTube circle and want to imitate an existing idea or do not want to innovate, then I strongly advise you to go to any other field of freelance work to reap Money, success on YouTube goes hand in hand with creativity and innovation.

2. Always try to benefit from the experiences of others

If you do not listen to the experiences of others and benefit from the experiences and mistakes they knew through their experience, then you will fall into these same mistakes and only regret will benefit you, so be sure to learn from the mistakes of others and try a lot until you learn.

3. Always try to create a personality for yourself among your competitors

One of the most common mistakes that many people make is imitating famous content creators and not creating their own style. Imitation destroys everything in the full sense of the word, always try to present an innovative personality that is not imitated through the skills and experiences that you have.

4. Never look at profits at the beginning of your path

One of the very important things in order to maintain your resolve and always strive for innovation is not looking at the amount of profits you have made and comparing them with other people, because you simply will not achieve the expected profit in the beginning, and therefore if you focus on profits as if they are everything, you will not achieve any progress and you will find that your determination I have said big.

5. Research carefully the topics you offer

We also mentioned that it is better to be passionate and lover of the field that you present, but it is not a prerequisite as you can provide content on other topics or an explanation of specific topics or general information or other matters, so you must definitely search carefully and make sure of all the information that You provide it to followers, rely on reliable sources and offer sources to followers in case one of the followers wants to verify one of the information you provide.

6. Always try to write attractive headlines

The title is the first thing the viewer sees, so you must choose it carefully and make it short and innovative to attract many viewers, if you browse one of the popular channels, you will notice that the majority of the titles listed on the videos are all attractive, and the description of the video is also very important, you must make the description of the video short It is sufficient to attract the attention of followers, with an interest in SEO, of course.

7. Always try to stay away from long introductions

The most important step that follows the step of choosing an attractive title is not to choose a long and boring introduction so that the viewer does not get bored and comes out immediately, the introduction must be short and briefly explain the content of the video

Strategy to release YouTube results in 48 hours:

This is the marketer’s gift for you, my friend, and no one will explain it to you, so you can easily top YouTube search results with a specific keyword, and the secret is for YouTube to feel that your video has a large search and request and has a good number of views, likes and comments, so this is very important even The video is noticed by YouTube spiders.

So in order not to prolong the strategy, simply master SEO and choose a strong keyword, and now we come to the important step, which is buying comments, likes and views through qqtube or auto-sm, both of which provide these services at very reasonable prices, knowing that these views and comments are very real, the method is successful. Very tested and only use it intelligently, and the simplest example of this is that the marketer channel always tops the search results in the words that we target, whether on YouTube or Google.
Now that we have reached the end of the article, you should know that working in creating videos and making money through YouTube can reap its fruits in a long term, so you must always be patient and maintain your steadfast determination and publish the videos on time, in addition to that, you must also learn all What is new and looking for new courses that provide you with experience in order to become a professional in the field of profit from YouTube, if you commit to these things and provide good content, then you will definitely arrive in the least time and fulfill all your wishes, and good luck to you.
 Profit from YouTube , a comprehensive guide , YouTube

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