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In recent times, Growth Hacking technology, or what is known as rapid growth, or also known as growth penetration, has spread a lot, which depends mainly on creativity, critical thinking and data collection, which is currently an integral part of digital marketing and has become used by major international companies and aims this technology Basically, it increases the growth of companies and institutions by double the original rate and at the lowest costs. In this article, we will review with you a comprehensive guide about this technology, as well as the correct strategies and methods to use it effectively.

What is the term Growth Hacking?

The term Growth Hacking is a marketing technique developed by some emerging companies, which depends on creativity, thinking, logical and accurate analysis of data and not only relying on marketing tools, in order to find creative, unconventional ways to market the services of companies and institutions and increase their growth at a rate more than 10 times its natural growth rate and with the lowest costs .

Growth Hacker often focuses on basic technologies such as SEO analytics and optimization services, A / B testing, and the use of social media. Sean Ellis is considered the first to use this term and is considered the CEO of  Growth Hackers  and  Dropbox  and in 2010 he wrote  a blog post  explaining the principles that Growth Hacking technology relies on it.

Who is a Growth Hacker?

When some see the word Hacker, it appears to him at first glance that he is a person wearing a mask and in front of him a computer full of numbers and green codes, but this term does not apply here in any way, nor is this person intended as a marketer as some believe, but rather what is meant by the person who gives priority To grow on all other measures by using certain strategies that we will address later, in addition to that it can use low-cost marketing methods.

Stories of successful companies that have counted on Growth Hacking:

There are many companies that have applied this technology and used their strategies correctly, and it is now one of the largest and most widespread companies, whether locally or internationally, and the most important of these companies are:

1. Hotmail

Hotmail is the first company to use this technology. In 1998, this company wanted to reach a large number of users and concluded that this could not happen through advertisements on television and others. Thus, it adopted Growth Hacking technology by writing the phrase “PS I love you” at the end of each A message sent via Hotmail, which means in Arabic “after writing this, do not forget that I love you.” Indeed, within a very short period of time, the number of company users reached 12 million people due to the use of this technology.

2. YouTube

YouTube has also adopted this technology in its engine, which is the second in the world in terms of search, and the method that was used is through what is known as Embed, which enables you to upload and share your video on websites with ease.

3. Facebook

Facebook has also used Growth Hacking technology, which relies on the ability to create pages for websites and blogs and link them with them, and as a result of using this technology, the company got 200 million users in just 12 months and this is almost impossible, but it has already been achieved as a result of using Growth Hacking, and Facebook still has it. A distinguished team in the field of Growth Hacking to depend on to increase the number of users.

4. Twitter

At the beginning of Twitter, the company was suffering from a very big problem, which is that users did not log into their accounts on the site as a result because the site could search for people you follow and then follow their posts without the need to create an account. The trick this company used using Growth Hacking technology is It now allows users to search for people normally, but prevents them from interacting with any post on the platform except when logging in, and this of course resulted in the number of users of the site increasing significantly.

5. Dropbox

The owner of this company is the first to use the term Growth Hacking, and therefore it must be used for this technology with this company and this is what actually happened, as Sean Ellis, founder of Dropbox, has adopted an affiliate system on the site, which gives each user an additional 500 MB upon registering each new person Through your link and as a result, the site registration rate increased by 60%

How does Growth Hacking relate to the content industry?

Perhaps someone now has a question in mind: What is the benefit of this technology for content makers and marketers, as it is used by large companies to increase their growth rate? The answer here is simply that the use of this technology is not limited to companies only, but learning this technology will enable you to significantly improve your income on the Internet, whether you are the owner of a website, for example, or something else, and the closest example of that is that, for example, you can write an article about an application and this article reaches For thousands, but no one registers or registers a little, and here you are asking about the problem while if you learn Growth Hacking, you can convince the visitor to enter the application and publish your content to a very large extent. 

If we are going to talk about hacking the growth of websites, then the term content hacking or content penetration will appear to the minimum, which is intended to use techniques intended to increase the spread of content and increase the return from it. The most important of these techniques are the following:

1. Writing attractive and encouraging headlines:  The title is the most important thing in the content you provide, and therefore you must take into account that the title is attractive and attractive.

2. Optimizing search engine results:  Of course, if your article does not comply with the SEO rules, which we talked about in detail in an article titled  “The Comprehensive Guide to Leading Search Engine Results,”  your articles will definitely not appear in the search results.

3. Convincing visitors of your credibility:  You must take into account the truthfulness in every word you write in your article to gain the visitor’s trust. Then you can ask him what you want at the end of the article. For example, if you are talking about a site, try to explain the site honestly and then explain to the visitor about that you want Register on this site, and believe me if you provide your content with a high value, then you can request what you want from the visitor with confidence.

4. Using hosted blogging:  This method is intended to write articles and communicate with sites to publish your articles explaining your site with them, so that you can bring visits to your site and at the same time improve SEO, and indeed this method is considered one of the most popular ways to improve and configure sites.

5. Writing relatively long articles:  We cannot deny that long articles are always useful to the visitor because he can find what he wants in them and he does not need to visit other sites to obtain information. Long articles are trusted by Google and search engines.

Top Growth Hacking Strategies and Techniques:

After we talked about the definition and origin of this technology, of course you now want to learn the basic techniques that the users of this service depend on, and if you are ready for that, follow with me the next part carefully and focus because it is the most important thing where I will review the most important points that the Growth Hacker uses in achieving rapid growth .

1. Find social media platforms that competitors are not using

The first thing the Growth Hacker does is that it makes a careful analysis about the social media platforms that competitors are using and then tries to search for other networks that are not being used even if they are small, such as  profit.ly and the dots  platform   , so that it can reach audiences in an unrestricted manner. Using this method provides a good environment for controlling audiences without a competitor, and you can use the Marketing Grader tool   provided by HubSpot, and the latter enables you to monitor the social activity of competitors and allows you to fully monitor competitors’ activities and follow their posts.

2. Contracting with companies for the participation of the masses

This strategy is one of the most influential methods towards rapid growth, whether for companies or websites, and this strategy is intended to contract with companies or sites related to your field, provided that both of you participate with his audience for the other, so let’s assume that you have an audience of up to 100 thousand people and there is a person working in a nearby field From your domain also has 100 thousand users, and you made a partnership contract between you and him so that both of you share his audience with the other, so imagine how much benefit and how many new users you have in a very short time.


Here, you should pay attention to a set of points, the first of which is to carefully choose the person with whom you will participate with the public, meaning that this person or this company should not be a competitor to you, but at the same time it is not specialized in a field far from your field, but rather it must be in a field related to yours For example, if you specialize in selling clothes, you can share someone related to shoes, for example, and so on, because the person who will contract with him if he is in a field far from you will not benefit completely from the audience that will come to you through it, the second thing is to try to use offers and services that stimulate visitors Newcomers in order to lure them so as to ensure their presence with you permanently.

3. Willingness to donate a portion of the products

Offering part of the products offered by companies for free or donating part of it to an organization is one of the most ways to bring great fame to companies and institutions because of course the freebies are the thing that people like most, and it is also smart to combine publishing on communication sites and presenting gifts for free in the sense of You make publications related to your company and within these publications you create contests and give many gifts, because according to many experiences, there are many companies that succeeded in a very short time due to their use of this strategy.

4. A / B testing

If we are talking about Growth Hacking, the A / B test must be mentioned, and this test is one of the most used techniques in the Growth Hacking field, and given the importance of this test, we will explain it in detail in the following lines:

What is an A / B test?

For those who do not know this test, it is a comparison between a group of pages to see which of these pages perform better. This test is used to compare web pages to identify the version that achieves better conversions than others. This test is also called the conversion rate that many exploits. Sites to convert visitors from a temporary visitor to a permanent visitor.


For example, suppose you have a bookstore website and its main interface is written “Register now.” Among the proposals that you want to apply on the site is to change this sentence and replace it with the phrase “Join us”. In this case, you need to know which of these sentences has the most impact on the rate of visits and conversions, Here, the A / B testing application will make this task easier for you because you will compare each of the two sentences by dividing the visitors of your site into both sentences and thus at the end of the test you will know the most influential of these sentences on the visitor, this is only an illustrative example while the test can be applied to everything related to your site .

Why should you do an A / B test?

Through this test, you can better understand your site and modify the pages of the site to be able to get a lot of visitors. You will also be able to convert the visitor from temporary to permanent. On her from this test you will be able to make some adjustments to your site and thus this will positively affect your revenue, not to mention that this test helps you in coming up with new ideas and using new technologies for your site to improve it.

How does an A / B test work?

The tools that carry out these tests depend on dividing your website visitors equally between variables A and B, meaning the two variables A and B, meaning the point you want to make a comparison to on the site. As we mentioned in the previous example, variable A is the sentence “Register now” and variable B is the sentence “Join us The tool divides the visitors among the two variables, and after a period you specify it, you are informed of the test result and know which of the two variables have brought more conversions than the other.

Tools used to perform this test:

This test witnessed a big climax in the recent period and as a result, there are many tools that enable you to take this type of test, but of course not all of them are free and the most important of these tools are:

1.  crazyegg

The price for conducting A / B tests on this platform starts at $ 24 per month, and the platform allows you to use a 30-day trial period to conduct multiple tests, and Crazy Egg is the best platform at the present time to conduct A / B testing.

2.  Visual Website Optimizer

The price of this service is $ 199 per month and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5, and although this service is considered very expensive compared to others, because it offers you many unique features from its peers, I will leave you the opportunity to discover the site yourself.

3.  Google Optimize

This is considered one of Google’s free services and therefore it is very good for people who are novices and can also subscribe to the paid services, but the free service is very sufficient to do A / B testing in principle and can later buy the paid version.

4.  AB Tasty

This is also considered one of the unique and distinct services in this field because it relies on artificial intelligence in conducting the test and for the evaluation of the service it reached 4.4 out of 5 and the price of the service varies according to the capabilities you want in the test, and to find out the price, you contact the platform support to choose what you want.

5.  SiteSpect

Also, do not overlook the mention of this tool, which gives you a very large number of advanced features and tools to perform this test with ease, and what is distinguished in it is also that its prices are affordable to some extent, you only communicate with customer service and agree with them, and for reference, the service received a rating of 4.3

6.  Omniconvert

This tool is considered the highest price, its cost is $ 324 per month, but of course, since it is so expensive, it certainly provides more services than its peers, and this is what happened. Service evaluation 4.4

7.  Unbounce

The price of this service starts at $ 79 per month, and this service depends on very high technologies, although it is of a medium price, but it provides services close to the Omniconvert platform, not to mention that the evaluation of this service exceeded 4.3 out of 5

8.  Apptimize

Finally, the Apptimize service, which is considered unlike other tools, as these can be tested on mobile applications and web applications and are not limited to websites only, this service is rated 4.2 out of 5 and this is a very nice thing.

5. Opening lines of communication between the public

One of the important points that make the customer trust your services is to provide support for him and facilitate the process of access between you and the visitor and respond continuously to questions, and it is preferable that you do something motivating every period for the public and link it to your mailing list to increase the number of mailing list subscribers on your site, in short try To make the visitor feel that you are interested in him and seek to satisfy him. Also, through your communication with your visitors, you will learn more about the problems they face and then work to solve them.

6. Exploiting important conferences and events

Of course, if you have a new site or a new company, then you definitely need to market to this company or this site, and perhaps the easiest way to do that is to introduce yourself and your organization through conferences and parties related to the same field of your business, believe me, this method is considered very effective in the field of Growth Hacking It also does not require large financial fees, and its impact is very strong.

7. Posting informative content on the sites

Introducing your organization or your site is very necessary for any new project because through the introductory content you will introduce people to your project more clearly and the platforms on which you will publish such as YouTube are considered very rich in users, for example YouTube is considered the second search engine worldwide and thus you can through it Posting introductory content that reaches thousands without paying anything, but with time, you can profit through these introductory videos, and if you are not aware of how to create professional introductory content, you can take advantage of a freelance website such as  upwork  at good prices in exchange for the professional content that you will get.

8. Establish challenges with the audience

This technology has been used by many companies and websites recently because of its very positive impact on the rate of growth of your project, and its idea is that you create challenges from time to time with your audience, whether it is contests, challenges, questions or anything motivating in the same Time is a challenge for the visitor, this thing creates a strong relationship between the visitor and the site because the human mind by nature loves challenges, and if you are smart in exploiting this matter, I promise you that you will achieve a lot of the Internet in general.

9. Be the destination of your brand

No one can talk about your project or explain it better than you, so try to always be the destination of your project and share your daily news with your followers, as this has proven that it contributes to a significant increase in the growth rate and that after a while you will exploit your fame and increase your pages for your benefit, whether through advertisements or any exploitation else.

10. Use the freemium system with your products

Customer retention is more important than obtaining a new customer and unfortunately this is sometimes somewhat difficult. In the recent period, most companies that offer digital products have taken advantage of the freemium feature, which depends on giving the customer the product for free in order to try it and after a while he is required to buy the paid version, because Of course, if you offer this product in a paid way from the beginning, the customer will not buy it because he will be afraid that it will not be of the required quality and therefore, being you give him the user experience, you are linking him to the product as this gives confidence to the customer, and this also causes a very high return later.

Finally, if you intend to be a Growth Hacker, you must start from now on exploiting the strategies that we mentioned previously and start applying them from now and as a final advice, try all the strategies at one time and the more you try the more, the more you learn, and try to keep up with everything new about Growth Hacking because this is The field in recent times has started to spread very widely, and in it there are many updates and many methods being launched.

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