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Success stories the story of the youngest self-made billionaire in the world

Meet the youngest self-made billionaire in the world

When the word “billionaire” hits our ears, an image of a person with gray lines on his part and wrinkles on his face jumps into our minds, and it is rare for us to think that what is meant is a person in the prime of life and in the prime of youth. Which may lead us to wonder and question about the possibility and how to achieve wealth at an early age? At the outset, let us invoke that golden rule, which says: “Every diligent one has a share”; The matter, then, is not limited to individuals without others, but rather includes everyone who set a goal for himself and strove hard to achieve it, overcame all difficulties and insisted on reaching. He was able to translate the saying “He who is grandfather found, and whoever walks on the path has arrived” into a tangible reality.

Among those self-made people who have achieved success in the world of finance and business and build wealth in a short period, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, John Collison, of Irish origin, is twenty-seven years old, who founded with his brother “Patrick”, who is two years older than him, and is the third self-made billionaire in The World, Stripe Software Inc. 2011, is headquartered in San Francisco. Although this company is not widely known; It does not sell consumer products, but rather deals with companies by selling software systems that enable them to easily accept online payments. However, the number of its customers has exceeded 100,000 customers worldwide, despite the presence of many strong competitors in this field.

How was the start?

The brothers “John” and “Patrick” grew up in a small village in County Tipperary in the west of Ireland, and their high school was at a public high school in Limerick. And because their ambition in life was great, they decided to complete their university studies in major American universities. And they had what they wanted; Patrick joined the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007 to study mathematics. Two years later, John was accepted to study at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious American universities. But before “John” enrolled in the study, he managed to become a millionaire, as well as his brother, “Patrick”, when they established their first software project, “Octomatic” in 2007, which helped small companies and merchants to run their businesses easily on the famous “eBay” site.

The road towards billions

Not long ago, the two brothers worked on the “OctaMatic” project; It sold it one year after its founding for $ 5 million. Hence the launch of their “Strip” project, where the two brothers continued to work on it after they stopped studying at the university, to be launched in Silicon Valley in California, to become later a successful company with about 750 employees, and has offices in some European cities, the most important of which are London, Paris, Berlin and Dublin. . The idea of ​​”Strip” is based on charging a certain amount for each transaction made when its software is used by clients around the world.

“Only five percent of global consumer spending is currently happening online, and we want to help increase that. The value of our company is linked to the growth in the Internet economy. As long as the Internet economy continues to grow, Stripe will continue to grow. I do not know about you, but I think that betting on you is very safe.

Also, the programs provided by “Stripe” allow companies to collect payments on their products easily and safely, and enable them to manage their websites and store customer data and stores, and many similar security systems that save each company their internal data in a better and easier way. And because any project must face some difficulties in its beginning, the biggest difficulties were the issue of financing at the beginning, how to collect money from users and thinking about the product or service that customers want. However, the two brothers “John” and “Patrick” were able to overcome these difficulties thanks to their determination and determination to succeed and work continuously.

“You might wonder about the difficulty of starting a business on the Internet, and how to find a product that people actually want to buy, and make it known to them, and we were able to deal with all of that. However, getting money from people via the Internet was very difficult. ”

The two brothers share the burdens and responsibilities of running the business in their own company. Where “John”, who is the president of the company, spends most of his time dealing with external matters, such as pursuing deals and partnerships. Meanwhile, Patrick handles the internal responsibilities of the company, which is estimated to be worth $ 9.2 billion. John appears fully confident of Stripe’s future growth potential. Especially as the world is witnessing a steady growth in digital business. In this regard, “John” says: “You may wonder what is difficult in starting a business on the Internet, and creating a product that people want to buy. This may be easy, but the real difficulty is getting money from people via the Internet; Global online consumer spending represents only 5%, and we want to increase that percentage. ” This indicates that “John” seeks through “Stripe” to increase the proportion of consumer spending on the Internet, a strategic goal that seems to be achieved within a short period of time; Due to the increasing demand for e-commerce.

When “John” is asked about the meaning of being a billionaire, he answers:

“Mostly it is nothing more than practicing calculations on a calculator,” he continues, saying: “The expected evaluation of us is based on continuing to implement and launch very compelling products in a very competitive space. These are good indicators, but there is still a lot we have to do.”

According to Forbes magazine, which specializes in tracking and calculating the fortunes of the rich and famous, “John” and “Patrick” are worth about $ 1.1 billion each, which can be considered an achievement for two young men who come from the Irish countryside, who did not complete their university studies.

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The World’s Youngest Billionaire

He is a good hearted person. He offered OYO rooms as quarantine centres and free stay for medical personnel serving in this pandemic.

This is the definition of a ‘self made’ Billionaire. Not like Kylie Jenner who claims she is self made but clearly her surname is self made I understand Kylie is hardworking and she made her billion dollar company but I’m just saying she’s not self made. If Kylie was in an ordinary family, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been as successful or famous. Kylie Jenner’s father was the Olympic winner in 1976. She has a half brother Brody who was already famous. Then obviously her half sister Kim was famous. So clearly she was known at a very young age. Also Kylie didn’t even need to worry about saving money. She lived in a mansion when she was young. Her ex boyfriend bought her a ferrari at age 18. What else should I say?!


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