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The Law of Abundance and Sufficiency – From Scarcity to Abundance

God created the universe with all of its creatures, and provided them with everything they needed from the components that would guarantee them life and survival. It is the nature of life that it is renewable. We can say that what people need in terms of food, water, money, air, and everything that provides them with life is not exhausted, and it is almost infinite and renewable as long as life lasts. Therefore, the principle in things is abundance, not scarcity.
Here someone might say: As long as this is the case, why do many individuals suffer scarcity of resources, as their income is not sufficient for them? Which forces them to enter the cycle of borrowing from other individuals and institutions, and they may spend their lives in debt to others, and may even leave their inheritors with a lot of debts after their departure from the world? To answer this question, we say that the problem does not lie in the scarcity of resources, but rather in its mismanagement, and in the chaotic manner of spending.

Based on the foregoing, the law of abundance and sufficiency is present in everything, whether material or moral. There is abundance of love, happiness, science, money, time, and so on. Also, this law does not apply to some human beings only, but it applies to all human beings without exception. According to it, man is self-sufficient, and does not need anyone. But it happens that some violate this law because of their behavior, actions, ideas, beliefs, convictions, and personal feelings towards life, so the result will have a negative impact on him, and it may lead to his misery and unhappiness and may suffer because of it from depression and sadness, and even suicide in some cases! So, the matter is very dangerous.

On the opposite side, we find scarcity, which expresses an individual’s sense of a lack of resources – including money – and a lack of capabilities and lack or even lack of opportunities. And here a question may pop up: How do I know that my convictions regarding any matter are compatible with the law of abundance or scarcity? In fact, you can tell in two ways; The first: by results; You have to determine whether something is abundant in you or suffers from scarcity in it? For example, if you are thinking of applying to a job, you should look at the required qualifications and determine whether they are available to you or not. And the second thing: to discover the convictions firmly rooted in you about the thing that you are going to do.

It may be useful here to apply the Brandel exercise, which is based on the idea of ​​writing the word you want to know your convictions about ten times or more, and then writing what comes to your mind; For example, convictions about the job: the job secures my future, the job is an obligation, the job limits my movement, or the job is fun … etc. Thus, you will be able to recognize your convictions, and then begin to change them so that they are in conformity with the law of abundance. And now you are ready to start transcending presumed scarcity and set out to live by the law of abundance. Someone might say: I really want it, but what is the way? Well, we’ll get you on the way.

Be thankful and grateful to God for the blessings you have that you may see as nothing, while they are just wishes for others. Gratitude brings you in line with the law of abundance in which you are now blessed.
Self-sufficiency: convince yourself that you have everything you need and do not need anything else or someone else to give you what you need. Learn how to be happy with what you have, because if you do not, you will not be able to enjoy the new circumstances in your life. Our ability to have fun stems from our way of life and not from external things. The sense of psychological gratification is something that stems from within us.
Focus on what you have: Do not concern yourself with what you do not have now, just focus on what you have, and then you will feel that you are living in abundance and abundance.
Tell yourself that you deserve better: do not view yourself as an inferiority that makes you complain about scarcity and scarcity. You always deserve the best, and there is an abundance of everything around you, that not only makes you live in abundance on your own, but there is enough for everyone.
Give more than you receive: This is not limited to money only, but also to everything. If you want to reach a state of abundance, accustom yourself to increasing giving, because constipation will make you feel scarce.
Abundance does not mean owning things, but rather a condition with which you can cope. The extent of need and adherence to things causes us to judge them as scarcity because we deal with them with fear of losing or lessening them. Global writer and lecturer Wayne Dyer says: “A life of abundance does not necessarily mean a life in which we collect things, but rather a life in which we develop a spiritual sense that there are no limits to everything.”
And then, if you want to get rid of the feeling of scarcity of things and the tendency towards the feeling of abundance, you have to change the way you think about life and look at things as they are. You also have to fundamentally change the way you interact with things around you. With regard to money, you must view it as an available and not scarce resource, and master it in a proper manner. So you start to feel its abundance after you feel its scarcity and lack of it. If you know how to prioritize and limit unnecessary or luxury expenditures, then you will reach a state of abundance.

Also, it is a duty of any person to search for things that can increase the flow of money from various sources; Which achieves the law of abundance on the ground. Finally, if your income is limited, then the way is still open for you to prove to yourself that you can live a happy life based on the principle of abundance, when you succeed in changing your way of dealing with money in a chaotic manner.

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