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Make money – the integrated strategic plan for making money

“Money and children are the adornment of this worldly life,” this is what God says, the Lord of the worlds, glory be to Him, the Creator of mankind and the most knowledgeable of their psychological conditions. Therefore, seeking to earn money by legitimate means is a natural human behavior; We all strive for it as long as we are alive. The majority of people are constantly thinking about ways to improve their financial situation and increase income, whether it is through their current jobs, or through their own projects, or a combination of the two. Even so, the majority don’t make the effort necessary to make more money. Most importantly, they do not have a clear strategic plan to reach this goal; Which makes them relegate to the job and the resulting meager income that is barely enough for several days, and not thinking about earning money from a free job they own and run by themselves and reap the fruits for themselves.

Before we start reviewing the steps of that integrated strategic plan to earn money, we will answer the following question: What are the reasons that might lead me to think about making money through self-employment? In fact, there are four main reasons that may push you to do so:

To exploit your energy and capabilities in your own business and enjoy its revenues for yourself, instead of working in a job that returns the proceeds to others, and does not return to you except in dividends that barely satisfy part of your basic needs. And on top of that, you may lose it at any moment!
To achieve a kind of security and financial independence, which guarantee you a psychological comfort that you will not feel while working in a particular job, whether in the public or private sector, and whatever your position and salary. Therefore, if you own 1% in a project, it is better for you to manage 100% of a project that you do not own. We do not deny that working in a certain job leads to a feeling of security. As you guarantee a steady monthly income, but we advise you to seriously think about adding a new source of income that enables you to earn money and leave your job when your project stabilizes and your financial situation becomes clear.

To take advantage of technological development and the rapid means of communication that resulted in it making the world a truly small village. With this development, earning money has become very easy, by completing business deals – whatever their size – with any foreign company without the need to travel long distances. Also, you do not have to sell a tangible, material commodity as was the case before in order to earn money, but you can provide a simple service through the Internet to those who need it and achieve additional or basic income.
To achieve financial freedom and get rid of job bondage; When you are an employee, you do not have to make your own decisions. Rather, you are just executing what your manager dictates to you, who does not care – in most cases – your skill or competence in carrying out the tasks assigned to you; All that matters to him is to appear before you and his superiors that he is in control, influential and holding the reins.
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For these reasons and others, you may think of ways and means to earn money and increase sources of additional income, and you may start taking practical steps to achieve this. Although this is what is needed, you may not have an integrated strategic plan to follow steadily to reach your goal. We are here to help you chart this money-making plan, here are the details.

Integrated strategic plan to make money

First: Do not be reckless, so you quit your current job before the results of your work in your own project become clear to you and the income begins to flow. Try to balance your steady income earning job with your passive income business. Of course, it will take some time to see the results, so don’t be in a hurry.

Second: Focus on one idea, and do not get excited to distract your mind in more than one direction, so the result will be failure in everything. It is okay to repeat a second time; We say: Focus on one idea and give it all your effort and time.

Third: Save a part of your salary, no matter how small. Most economists, experts and entrepreneurs say that anyone should save at least 10% of their monthly income. Of course, this percentage is not intended for spending, but rather for investing in the private project that you are thinking of establishing. Here, let us give you some quick tips to help you save.

Know yourself in terms of your finances and expenses.

Create a financial plan and budget and stick to it.

Better handling your financial resources.

– Beware of Religion; It is humiliating at night and humiliation during the day.

Beware of credit cards.

Fourth: Do not seek to earn money by following quick, short and unreliable methods, and do not believe that money can come in an instant or by chance. It is verified that all those who achieved wealth worked hard until they reached their goal. So keep in mind that if you want to earn money you have to find and get tired.

Fifth: invest in yourself. It is very important that you start investing in yourself before you invest in your money. Invest in developing your abilities and skills, learn everything that contributes to providing you with new information and experiences. Also, invest in your time and do not waste it on what does not benefit you. It is also important that you invest in your social relationships, strengthen and maintain them, and you must accompany the successful and stay away from the losers and the frustrated.

Sixth: Be patient and be patient. Imagine that you planted an olive tree today, will you go tomorrow to pick its fruit ?! This is how your project is concerned. It needs care, patience and patience in order for it to be eaten. If the results are rushed, you will only reap failure. In slowing down safety and in haste regret.

Seventh: Find a job that matches your interests. You must love what it does; This is an essential condition for success. The closer the type of work that you will provide through your project to your area of ​​interest, the greater your chances of success in earning money from it and enjoying it at the same time.

Eighth: Be prepared to deal with failure. Billionaire Jack Ma says: “You should not be sad when you fail. Because your failure is a free additional income coming to you ”. You should not expect your plan to succeed the first time; You may fall several times, but you have to get up again and insist on success. Learn to accept failure and not hold back on what you want to achieve, because you will eventually get there.

Ninth: Provide a product that people need, satisfies their needs and solves their problems. Do not think that people only need tangible goods, so limit your thinking to introducing something material in your project; Just as we need material things, we need immaterial things (services). You may be a good writer, or an excellent designer, or a proficient translator, or an experienced teacher, and there are those who need your services, so what prevents you from establishing a special project through which you provide your services and earn money?

In the end, we often hear some people complaining and complaining about the lack of opportunities, and that this is the reason for their adherence to the job, arguing that it is the only solution. In this regard, we say: They did not bother to think seriously about establishing their own projects, or they might aspire to do so, but they did not carefully research people’s needs and desires that have changed and developed in comparison with what they were in the past, and resulted in countless opportunities. Countless and every one of these opportunities can constitute an idea waiting to be exploited and turned into a successful project that leads to financial independence, financial freedom and earning money.

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