<span class='p-name'>Microsoft’s new Xbox .. a closer look</span>
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Microsoft’s new Xbox .. a closer look :

Comes the new generation of games console Microsoft “Xbox” (Xbox) with many improvements and new development work.

On the design side, the American company has been very economical, as the exterior design is not very eye-catching, so that the large model Xbox “Generation X” (Series X) is a black box with green accents, while the smaller model X The “Gel S” box appears as a small white block with a large black circle on the side.

Solid State Disk (SSD)

And Microsoft has adopted in the new games devices on the fast and compact “static-state disks” (SSD), thus greatly reducing the load times. The Model X includes a memory capacity of one terabyte, while the Model S includes memory of 512 GB.

The test results showed that the new Microsoft device works before the TV connected to it is turned on, in addition to that the game is loaded in a few seconds, which may lead to developing games more in the future through fast loading times, however players will have to wait for a while until it appears In the marketplace games, which are already being developed for this generation of gaming devices.

Microsoft has made a lot of technical improvements to the Xbox game console, as the new models work with the latest processors and graphics cards (Reuters)

Technical improvements

The American company made many technical improvements to the Xbox game console, as the new models work with the latest processors and graphics cards; However, the Model S comes with less computing power, and the Model X enables displaying content either at 8K resolution (8K) at an image refresh rate of 60 fps, or at resolution of 4K (4K) with an image refresh rate of 120 frames. per second.

A TV with adequate resolution is required in order to enjoy high-definition gaming enthusiasts, and the Model S works at a maximum resolution of 1440 pixels at a rate of 120 fps, and does not contain an optical drive unit to use Blu-ray discs.

Minor joystick adjustments

Microsoft made some minor adjustments to the controller. It added a “Share” button in the middle, which allows the user to take screenshots and make recordings easily. The controller is powered by two AA batteries.

The games are the most important updates

Games are the most important updates in the new generation of Xbox, and Microsoft has taken an unusual path here, and exclusive new games will not be available at the beginning.

Instead, Microsoft aims to take advantage of the large catalog of games for previous releases of the Xbox; Where gamers can play almost all games since the first Xbox on new devices, with the exception of games that depend on the Kinect motion controller.


This approach offers several advantages. One of them is that it makes it easier for game lovers to move to the new generation. If the user has not finished the game on the “XBox One” device, he can continue playing on the “Xbox X / S” device (Series X / S). The game level from the clouds automatically.

Regardless of the technical aspects, switching between devices is no longer necessary. Because the important point of Microsoft’s new strategy is game subscription; Where the player has to pay a monthly subscription of about $ 10 to access more than 100 games.

Feasibility of the purchase

Here, the question arises about the feasibility of buying new gaming devices from Microsoft, and the answer to this question depends on the type of version the user already has, if he owns the previous version of the Xbox, then the benefit from the new device will be limited to shorter loading times and better graphics quality, in addition to The Model S is not cheap at all to purchase the new base Model.

In addition, the price of the Model X is $ 500, and it needs a suitable screen or TV, so it may be worth waiting for some time before purchasing new gaming devices from Microsoft.

Source : German News Agency

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