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The story of Joe Gerrard, the best seller in the world, how to sell anything to anyone?


“Score clean victories; Honesty is the best way to be a permanent customer, but also to make the current customer a candidate for his acquaintances.


This is what “Joe Girard” author of the book “How to sell anything to anyone”, which is known as the number 1 seller in the world, says; According to the Guinness Book of Records, Gerrard is the only man who managed to achieve a record in the field of selling cars to individual customers. He was able to sell a total of 13,001 cars over a period of fifteen years, which is the period of his work in this field. It also achieved sales of 1,425 cars in one year, and 174 cars in one month.

Gerrard had a tormented childhood. His father used to treat him cruelly, beat him and denounce him as failure; Which left a clear negative impact on him in his teenage period. It was from him that he once robbed a bar and stole from it an amount of money, which was deposited in his wake in the juvenile house. Gerrard says of that time: “I think I was deliberately misbehaving, so that my father knew he was right and loved me. This may sound crazy, but it is clear that people often behave that way. So look at those young men who are trying to get girls to love them by beating and destroying them. ” Gerrard’s start on the road to success was a bit late; He began his car sales career when he was thirty-five, after a life of turmoil dominated by most of its failures, with hardly any success. And he was suffering from the problem of stuttering in the conversation and felt ashamed of it, until he was able to overcome it thanks to his insistence on getting rid of it.

Gerrard – the number 1 seller in the world – is rightfully considered a successful student who graduated from the School of Life. He does not carry any educational qualifications, but he taught and developed himself, and devised special methods of selling that no one had preceded, and he set himself a strategy for work based on two basic pillars: the first is setting the basic rules for building trust with the customer, and the second is working hard and sincerely. According to him, these two pillars will enable anyone to achieve what he has achieved. Gerrard put the summary of his experience in his famous book: “How to sell anything to anyone,” which can be considered a business plan and a guide to success for everyone working in the selling profession. In order to achieve the desired benefit, let us pause at some of his words and actions that came in that book, which sold 1.5 million copies.

Gerrard says:

  • The customer is a person like you, so do not fear him or fear him or be confused in front of him.
  • Do not join the club, and he refers to the group of idiots, who meet together in the morning to discuss what each of them did yesterday and complain about each of them their concerns to the other.
  • The 250 Rule: It is one of the rules that Gerrard himself devised and applied in his work, and it states that the entire market is potential customers, and assuming that each person knows an average of 250 individuals between co-workers, family, friends and neighbors, then each customer loses it because you treated him badly. With him you will lose 250 people he knows; It is very likely that he will tell most of those he sees about his experience and thus he is likely to lose them all.

You have potential clients in the market generally, and you can find ways to contact them in home directories or company directories. Make your actual customers potential customers as well, by planning a database for them, and communicate with them consistently and with moderation; Do not make them forget you and do not be a nuisance to them. And make your calls friendly, to check on them and congratulate them on special occasions and holidays.

  • Always write your notes about the client’s personal life, such as his children, his tendencies, or his frequent travels, so that you will always remember his personal style.

Plan your business and work according to your plan. Don’t wait for clients to come in at prime time and sit idle at other times, but go with clients wherever they are

.- When you feel that you cannot work today, do not go to work, just relax. Losing today is better than losing one customer who knows 250 other potential clients, so you will have lost everyone.

You can waive a portion of your commission in exchange for the client’s win. Make the client feel like you are kind to them, so don’t put them in a position where you can’t discuss them.

  • The customer loves what you sell if you like what he has. For example, a seller may lose a deal by telling the customer how much she wants in exchange for replacing my old car with a new one from yours, and the seller replies that you mean this piece of scrap ?! You need to make the customer feel that you love and appreciate everything that is about them in order for them to feel friendly with you.

Turn a losing deal into a plan for the next win, and learn to put sales hurdles behind you and the client to successfully close the deal.

When you buy a car, you do not get just a car, but also a relationship with me, as I am ready to break my back in order to serve a customer, as I have always preferred to serve an existing customer, rather than seeking to sell a new car. And after years of that, there were many more people waiting outside my office to see me. So I started receiving people according to a prior schedule. As for why people prefer to wait a week to see me rather than go and buy a car from another source, it is because they knew that if they bought a lemon, I could turn it into a peach.

People hate waiting in the maintenance and service departments. Therefore, I assigned one of my employees to go to the services department and do what the customer wanted. While the car is in the showroom, three or four servicing crew members move in to prepare all service requirements within 25 minutes. They pay between $ 15-20 as a price for some pieces, and when the client asks them: How much should I pay? Such words guarantee the success and expansion of your practical activity, and their absence is a guarantee of the collapse of that activity.

  • As for the reason the maintenance staff treated me and my customers in this way, it was because I used to make them feel loved. I took them every three weeks to eat in an Italian restaurant. I told them how much I love and appreciate the services they do for the benefit of the company. I used to invite all workers and their family members once a year to a barbecue at my house, to have food with me and my family. This is something that all executives should think about. There are service providers in every company, and they are in fact your food and drink.

In the period Gerrard was working, there was not as much communication as there is now; Therefore, he was interested in mail as an advertising medium that could attract customers through it. But he believes that these e-mails should be different from other promotional messages that no one cares about. It is recommended that the envelope be free of trademarks and have a personal phrase such as birthday congratulations, for example, and inside a congratulatory card with a picture of the occasion with the signature of “Joe Gerrard of Chevrolet.” In this way, the message has reached and achieved its goal.

It is interesting to say about the marketing methods that Joe Gerrard used to follow, that when he went to watch a football match, he used to take some of his personal cards, and at the time of joy with the goal, he would jump with the fans and throw some of these cards in the air. Naturally, many would expect it to be captured by a form of wonder and curiosity. If this method succeeds in making only one of the onlookers your client, then you have invested time.

In conclusion, we say that success in mastering the art of sales and achieving success in it is not an insurmountable matter. Each of us can achieve good results if he is committed to what enables him to build trust and long-term relationship with clients, along with honesty, honesty, appropriate effort, perseverance and planning. Who knows, you might one day be the number 1 seller in the world.

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I was doing magic as a hobby in my life. I just approached someone and do that dramatic demonstration and they get that wtf reaction. I even used this when I meet clients for my video production business but two differences things. You showed me today how can I utilize what I have done for my years as a hobby to my business strategically. Thank u sifu. ❤️

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