<span class='p-name'>How do you get financing for your project online?</span>
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How do you get financing for your project online?

How do you get financing for your project online? Money is the obstacle to many of the aspirations and hopes that young people draw in their imaginations, and they strive for it hard, for how much of a beneficial young project that established itself on paper, then money was a hindrance to moving from paper to the ground when it did not find sufficient financial funding for it, and how much The career of many entrepreneurs collapsed before it began, when the obstacle of insufficient money stopped in front of their ambitions.

Do you have a project and are looking for ambitious opportunities to finance it away from the monopoly of investors or waiting for government funding that may not come?

In light of the financing obstacles and the difficulty in obtaining them from government agencies or banks, or the limited availability of these funds sometimes, and based on the importance of searching for financing sources, we offer you the most important methods that enable you to finance your project through the Internet and that are interested in financing entrepreneurial youth projects, through Crowdfunding.

The 5 most important sites that enable you to finance your project through the Internet

A website with money

In order to display your project on this site that seeks to fund productive youth projects, you must be clear in defining the goal of your project, and clear how long it will take to be able to reach this goal, because if the period that you set for your project ends without reaching your goal, you will be forced to repeat Funds are given to the financiers, but in the event that your project succeeds – and this is what we hope – the site will receive a profit rate of up to 5% only.

This site is considered comprehensive in choosing the projects that they are looking for funding for, which include broad fields such as arts, sports, cartoons, social activities, programming, the Internet, and many other diverse projects that young people seek to establish and embody on the ground.

Website can

If you have a scientific project in your hands that you are looking for funding for, then the “Yakkon” platform is your suitable destination. It is concerned with scientific projects that may bring added value in the street or make a development and difference in a field. All you have to do is go to this platform and put your idea on this one. The platform firmly believes in the importance of this idea and the extent of the street’s need to fund it and turn it from an idea into a reality, then wait for a call from the website owners to discuss your idea and its importance, and then start the funding process by the crowd of financiers who believed in your idea.

A simple website

“Your click has superpowers,” and “Your click changes the world.”

This is the slogan from which a simple platform was launched, which relies on marketing the idea through social media and then linking it to the funders who believed in it and found it of reasonable importance.

Simple platform produces a set of videos that you are asked to view and interact with in order to achieve specific development goals, and in return for a number of views and interactions that you achieve for the video, you will simply get funding for your project. money.

Liwa website

“Liwa” is a Jordanian platform that has spread throughout the Arab world. “Liwa” works to grant the owner of the project whose project was approved after it was put on the platform’s pages a certain amount of money as a loan that is repaid in installments in monthly payments.

Eureka site

Eureka is a global platform for investing and crowdfunding in exchange for shares via the Internet, where the principle of crowdfunding is based on a group of people donating to finance your project idea that you have proposed or the company that you seek to establish, so that you can establish your company with public money in exchange for their owning a share in the shares of this company so that the company can share Win it with its sponsors.

Now that you have known your destination and defined your project, there is no need anymore for you to allow the obstacle of money to frustrate your motivation and discourage you. All you have to do is go to the platform that you think is compatible with your idea that you are about to create, to present it with absolute faith and a deliberate effort to be able to compete by convincing the financiers on Funding your project to start the march of your dream, which after today has come to become a tangible reality, and always remember that it is not impossible as long as your ropes with God are connected.

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