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How do I start my own business? 7 smart steps to starting your own business alongside your job

How do I start a project from scratch? How do I start a special project besides my job? You do not have to leave your guaranteed job immediately, if you had a dream, and a special project that you wish to implement, those who succeeded wait until they were able to achieve what they wanted, and during that, you can do many things, such as ascertaining your motives, linking yourself to the dream, and creating a personal vision for your topic Find someone who shares your dream with you, continue learning, discover the positives in your current job, and achieve small daily goals that bring you closer to the big dream. If you’re the type who thinks about quitting his job, Robert Kiyozaki – the self-built millionaire – advises:

“Let me show you my experience the day I quit my job to become a full-time entrepreneur. That day was one of the scariest days of my life. I knew there was no longer a fixed salary, health insurance, or retirement plan, and no paid annual or sick leave. Indeed, he adds, leaving a job to start a business is risky. Sometimes lack of experience and fear of losing fixed income is what prevents many people from thinking about starting their own business.

You, too, may have faced this fear before. As a young man in the pre-internet days, Kyozaki says, there weren’t many ways to find side work; The individual had two options: Either work a full-time job, or none at all. But all that has changed now; Technology has given those who want to start their own business a huge advantage, starting a small and smart business has become easier than ever, and you can start your own side project while you are still on top of your business and get paid monthly. And nowadays many people wonder how to do this in practical steps. In this article, we will teach you the secrets to being successful in starting your own business and achieving long-term financial independence and freedom. In this regard, Robert Kiyozaki gives you (7) steps to starting your own business while you are on the job.

How do I start a special project besides my job?

1. Focus on products, not services:

The first idea that an employee might think of is to use the skills and experience he possesses in the business world, and to present them as a consulting service to build a business focused on consulting. The problem with counseling as a side business is that you don’t own a business, you have a job. Services is a difficult business area, because you have to sell your time in it; If you do not work then you will not earn any money. When you keep your full-time job and do side consulting work, it will lead to exhaustion and ultimately collapse. Instead of selling services, discover a way to create a product; If you are going to provide a consulting service, collect a course or course you can sell, and if you are a writer then write books that you can sell; Many writers sell their books on Amazon for $ 1 a copy, and make money even while they sleep. Thinking about the services that you can provide, and converting them into a product that can be sold, is very smart and creative. If you do this you will be profitable even if you are not working!

2. Turn your hobbies into a business:

Starting a new project takes a lot of time; So it is best if you do something you enjoy from the start. Think about how you spend your free time, and what is something you feel truly passionate about? Maybe you have a passion for cooking, find a way to earn money by cooking. If you like fishing, then open a store to sell its tools, or if you are an avid reader and love to write write a book, or employ your love for sweets in making them. Use your art to serve your business. Successful businesses are those that combine science, art and hobby.

3. Learn how to invest:

An important way to create a side business is to create an investment business; This means investments that require a small amount of capital as well as a small contribution from your time and effort. You can invest your savings in purchasing reliable financial assets that generate good incomes that may exceed your salary from the current job, and this is a smart step towards financial freedom. This investment requires part of your time in financial learning, as well as setting a priority to save money for its investment, and once you enter the game, there will be no limits to your ambition. And don’t forget that you can do this job at your leisure.

4. Focus on managing and growing your project and don’t do everything alone:

Many of those with a side business strive to do everything on their own because they think this will reduce costs. But it would be better if you find a professional, or even an employee or two who can work with you; So that you spend the greater part of your time managing and developing the business better. Focusing on thinking about growing your business from the start will help you grow it into more than just a side business.

5. Work to form a distinguished team:

Many entrepreneurs and side businesses are miserly; They try to save money and not spend on business like accounting or legal aspects. However, since they are not trained to do such jobs, they will incur additional costs in the long run, both the time cost and the opportunity cost; Therefore, hire a certified public accountant with competence on a part-time basis to control your accounts, and hired a lawyer or legal advisor to follow up on your legal affairs. If you are in the real estate business, work with an experienced broker. Focus on the work you do well and let the others do their jobs.

6. Adjust your schedule efficiently:

One of the common excuses for some people is how do I do a full-time job? I don’t have time. This is far from reality. If they see themselves and how they spend their time, they will find a lot of time to do much work. The problem with many people is that they allow their schedule to control them instead of controlling it. If you want to work on a side job and at the same time continue with your primary job, then you have to become an expert in time and productivity management. Cut down on the time you watch TV or the time you hang out with your friends for a coffee shop. Then you will be surprised at how much time you will find yourself able to do your job.

7. Take advantage of technology:

There are many technologies that help you reduce the time of many tasks that used to take up long hours of your time previously, and finish them in just seconds or minutes. Do research, manage customer services and marketing automation software to automate your mandatory messages. Use project management software to help you manage your own team. The opportunities to exploit the technology are endless.


Do not worry; There will come a day when you will have to resign from your job, if you follow the steps and advice that we have mentioned, you will have made a very excellent start indeed. Then you can start your own business now in addition to your primary job. Start today and you’ll be great tomorrow

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I’m 15 years old and am in year 11 so I take my GCSE’s soon. When I’m older I want to set up my own dog grooming business. I am very well organised and enjoy planning things out. I hope that one day I can have a successful dog grooming business and pursue my dream job


up to tip number 5 and don’t agree with one of them so far…. I did the research but didn’t do a business plan and I certainly didn’t have cash reserves and funds to outsource. NO lenders would help me nor any of my small business pals. Being professional isn’t about spending out loads of money. Getting the legal part right is one point I do agree with but most of this is a nice idea but not practical in the real world. Don’t let this video put you off. Be prepared for ups and down but believe in yourself. You CAN do it. I may be small but i’m hanging on in there and I did it all wrong according to this 🙂



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