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Golden Rules for Getting Rich and Financial Success presented by Richard Templar from The Rules of Richness book

In his important book “The Rules of Richness,” Richard Templar provides us with the most important methods and rules that can be used as a guide to reach the pinnacle of financial success and achieve enormous wealth. Of course, Tumblr does not provide just magic rules or prescriptions, but rather it summarizes the most important experiences and methods approached by business leaders and successful people into 100 comprehensive rules for all that they must learn to manage finances and reach wealth.

According to Tumblr, we must first of all start thinking as the wealthy think, and it is the first step that opens the first chapter or section of the book. Richness is not the preserve of the rich, all there is is that we must reach a sound way of thinking through a set of rules that we have summarized at the end of the article.

After we reach the ideal way of thinking to reach wealth, we must start earning money and creating that wealth, through basic steps such as setting a financial plan, saving, investing, managing financial resources, managing risks, getting rid of debts, and others.

Tumblr also points out that money is nothing but a material right that is paid in exchange for hard work and skilled thinking, for every hard-working person has a share, but some are lazy about earning money, and others do not make any sacrifices, and do not try to learn or work, or focus on this matter diligently. Then, surely the owners of wealth are those who rise early, and do not skimp on time or effort. Money brings money, and in order to practically implement this idea, start creating a money farm, as Tumblr puts it, this approach is a guarantor of the multiplication of money.

After obtaining the wealth, it is necessary to work on increasing it, through some professional techniques, and it is okay to use some experts to learn and use it. Of course, the increase in wealth must finally end with preserving it, as there is no point in obtaining enormous wealth that quickly evaporates.

Below we have summarized the 100 golden rules, where you can see all the topics and the most important highlights by downloading the Get Rich Rules book.

Think like wealthy people think

1- Everyone can earn money, as it is not limited to a specific group

2- Define the concept of wealth for you

3- You have to define your goals

4- Keep it secret

5- Most of the people are lazy about making money

6- Understand your beliefs and where they come from

7- Know that money is a natural result and not just a reward that you get

8- See money as your friend, not the enemy

9- Determine what you want money for

10- Know that money creates money

11- If you see money as a solution to your problems, you will find that it has become a problem in itself

12- You can earn money, enjoy your job, and sleep well

13- Do not earn money by evil methods

14- Money and Happiness – Understand the relationship between them

15- Know the difference between price and value

16- Learn how the rich think

17- Do not envy what other people have

18- Controlling yourself is more difficult than controlling your money

Achieve wealth

19- You must know your specific situation before starting work

20- You must have a plan

21- Take good control of your finances

22 – You will not get rich unless you seem to be rich

23- You have to take risks to make money

24- Define your perception of risk

25- If you do not trust someone, do not participate in any business with him

26- No matter your age, you can start building wealth

27- Start saving from a young age (or teach your children this if it is too late for you)

28- You have to understand that your financial needs change through the different stages of your life

29- You have to work hard to get rich from drudgery

30- Learn the art of making deals

31- Learn the art of negotiation

32- Saving on silly things will not make you rich, but rather it will make you miserable

33- Know that working for others may make you rich, but this is not a sure thing

34- Don’t waste time between procrastination and delay – make your financial decisions quickly

35- Work as if you don’t need the money

36- Spend less money than you earn

37- Do not borrow money unless you absolutely need it

38- Try to settle your debts

39- Develop a certain skill and it will always benefit you

40- Make your debt repayment your top priority

41- Do not get busy with earning your daily livelihood to the point that distracts you from creating wealth

42- Save huge sums, isn’t that better?

43- Do not rent, but buy

44- Understand what investing really means

45- Make a large amount of money and then invest it wisely

46- Know that in the long run, real estate will not greatly outweigh stocks

47- You must master the art of selling

48- Don’t think you can always win

49- Understand how the stock market works

50- Buy only stocks or things that you understand

51- Try – by all means – to seek the help of the professionals in the investment process, but do not let them exploit you

52- If you are going to receive financial aid, pay for it

53- Do not hold back

54- Think about the long term

55- Set a specific time of day to work on your wealth creation plan

56- Pay close attention to the details

57- Work to find new sources of income

58- Learn the “What If?”

  1. Control sudden spending urges

60 – Avoid the temptations of ads that promise to get rich quick, you will not be the one to achieve this riches

61- There are no secrets

62- Do not just read these words, do something

Get richer

63- Perform a periodic financial check

64- Use those who advise you in matters of money

65- Follow your intuition

66- Never relax

67- Use someone to do the work that you are not good at

68- Know yourself well. Do you prefer to work alone, with a partner, or in a team work?

69- Look for hidden opportunities / abilities

70 – Don’t try to get rich quickly

71- Always ask yourself what other people will benefit from from behind you

72- Make your money work for you

73- Know when is the right time to drop investments

74- Do not chase false illusions

75- Know why and how to read the budget statement

76 Get one step ahead of the tax collectors

77- Learn how to make your assets work for you

78- Never be persuaded that you are only entitled to what you are paid

79- Do not take the road that everyone takes

Retaining wealth

80.Buy valuable items

81- Read words in small handwriting carefully

82- Don’t spend money before getting it

83- Save some money aside to help you at the age and not more than that

84- Enter an amount of money for emergencies and lean days

85- How much did I pay for this thing? Know how to shop

86- Never borrow money from your friends or family members, but allow them to invest with you

87- Do not overload a part of your company or project

88- Know when to stop

Share a portion of your wealth with others

  1. Make better use of your wealth

90 – Do not lend money to your friend or family member unless you are willing to give it up

91- Do not lend money, but rather pay for a share of any company

92- Know that you cannot take your money with you after your death, because the shroud has no pockets

93- Know how and when to say no or yes

94- Think about a way to give people money without making them feel they owe you

95- Do not exaggerate in protecting your children from the valuable experience of poverty

96- Choose the charity or the noble cause wisely

97- Spend your money on your own, as no one will be able to spend it except you

98- Take responsibility before seeking advice

99- If you get rich, beware and brag about it

100- Beware of selling yourself to the Devil

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20 Golden Rules for MAKING MONEY 


Hi everyone – this is a longer video for you. Firstly, I’d like to alert you to the fact that I’ve added timestamps and more details on each of the examples I’ve used in the video. Hope it helps some of you that like to skip to the bits that are relevant.

I find it fascinating that despite P. T. Barnum writing this book back in 1880, a lot of very successful people today are still using the advice he discusses in it. He was even ahead of his time with his clickbait-style book title – “The Art of Money Getting: Golden Rules for Making Money.”

Let me know if you prefer the longer video format. They take a lot more time so I don’t want to waste my time if you don’t like them. Cheers!

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