<span class='p-name'>From his bedroom, he earns half a million dollars a month</span>
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From his bedroom, he earns half a million dollars a month

The summary of the story is written in the title, as for its details, it is more like a dream for its young American owner, “Tyler Blevins,” who is 26 years old when he used to practice his hobbies in computer games, which are practiced by most of the inhabitants of the globe, but he was able to practice it with an abundant profit of nearly half One million dollars a month.

Tyler Blevins started his career with a YouTube mini channel as a hobby to upload his videos while he played computer games and passed the stages in them, transforming within a short period from an amateur who practices his hobbies and enjoys his time to the “first teacher” of computer games from which he reaped huge profits, as he became one of the most famous producers and publishers of videos on YouTube .

Due to the large number of his followers and their enthusiasm to follow his videos, many companies invested this in their favor when they became keen to choose Blevins, nicknamed “Ninja”, to try it first, to increase its resonance among the audience who follow his channel with passion and anticipation, as he is the owner of the most famous channel on YouTube that specializes in electronic games .

Ninja was not satisfied with reaping his profits from his YouTube channel, whose profits are increasing with the increasing number of followers, videos and subscribers to the channel, although it is steadily increasing, but he decided to create an account on a television service called “Twitch” as a new source of income.

Tyler Blevins, or “Ninja”, makes more than 500 thousand dollars a month from his channel “Twitch”. In a short period, he gained eighty-three thousand followers, so that each follower of the channel pays five dollars a month to be able to follow the videos without any commercial and other ads. It is forced to view it as on YouTube and some other applications.

In addition to the huge financial profits that “Ninja” gets from “Twitch”, his channel on “YouTube” has attracted more than six million subscribers so far, and accordingly gets financial returns from the advertisements that “Google” broadcasts on the videos he publishes on His channel.

He also edits all the videos that he publishes on his channel, in addition to the live broadcast that his friends and followers are waiting for him from his bedroom most of the time through which he broadcasts to them his activities, the events of his day and the latest games that he bought and would like to play with them.

With a simple thing, Tyler was able to invest his hobbies in something that brings wealth to him while enjoying his time, and you can also direct your life to another direction when you start to use your talents and skills in a healthy and correct way, to find the richness hoarded inside without realizing it.

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