<span class='p-name'>from a janitor in a parking lot to a billionaire!</span>
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Du Chang … from a janitor in a parking lot to a billionaire!

The title might sound a little strange to many; How is it possible for a janitor in a parking lot to turn into a billionaire ?! Do you think he inherited a huge fortune from an unknown relative who was an expatriate in the United States or Brazil, for example? Of course, nothing like this happened. Rather, the hero of our story fought the battlefield of work with all its struggle, success, failure and disappointments, and was able to reach what he had reached after long trouble, patience, composure and determination to catch up with the rich people who are referred to by Lebanon. In order not to be too long, let us reveal the details of his interesting story, and try to draw lessons and lessons from it. Who knows, maybe it will inspire some of those who read it and be a reason to realize their dreams by reaching the maximum they can in the world of money and wealth.

Do Chang, 64, was born in South Korea. Although he wanted to study at the university after completing high school, his financial circumstances prevented that. Which made him satisfied with a diploma. Zhang was able to collect a small amount of money through his work in several jobs and used it to open a small shop selling coffee and juice in a suburb of Seoul. He and his wife worked hard and vigorously together, which deared their counterpart, with the hope of achieving their dream of emigrating to Uncle Sam’s country. In order to realize that dream, Zhang and his wife adopted a strict austerity plan to save all the money they could. We were able to immigrate to Los Angeles after three years of continuous work in their stores, and that was in 1981.

And because every start is difficult; The couple faced great difficulties in finding a job. What made it even more difficult was that they were not proficient in English, and had insufficient funds to start a simple project. To be able to support himself and his wife and save everything he could to start a small business, Zhang had to work three jobs at the same time; As a gas station worker, coffee shop worker, and car park concierge. You can imagine – dear reader – how he was spending his day; He did not have enough time to sleep; He fell asleep for minutes between each work and the other, and it is strange that he was able to withstand for four consecutive years in this state!

The funny thing is that Zhang used to ask the people who parked their luxury cars in the position in which he was working about the nature of their work, and a large percentage of them answered him that they work in the clothing trade. This idea enticed the hero of our story and dominated his thinking, although he did not know anything about it at the time; This prompted him to read and research this activity in all sources available in the Korean language. Four years later, he and his wife managed to buy a small store in the Los Angeles slum, Highlander Park.

Zhang opened his first clothing trade in late 1984. He was surprised that his shop was owned by six people before him, all of whom worked in the clothing trade and all failed; Due to its location in this poor neighborhood. Although this information had a bad effect on Zhang and almost frustrated him, he chose to go ahead and not give up. And because he knew how to deal with his customers in terms of providing the right product, reasonable price and satisfactory service, his average daily income became about $ 100 a day after a few months of work. His expectations were that he would make a profit of $ 30,000 at the end of the year. However, what was actually achieved was exponentially. Where he made a total of 700 thousand dollars! And then Zhang realized that he was on the right direction and that he was bound to succeed.

Zhang’s extraordinary ability to save and endure played an important role in his career, and he was able to use his savings for investment and expansion. He became the owner of eleven stores in the United States of America after only five years of starting his business in his first store, and he also had his own famous brand, through which he marketed his products.

Today, Zhang employs nearly 30,000 employees in more than 500 stores around the world, and lives in his home, which is estimated to be worth about $ 17 million, located in Beverly Hills, one of the most prestigious American neighborhoods, next to the rich, famous and art stars.

Chang says: “Trade is not like the 100-meter races. Rather, it is a very long marathon, and whoever believes that there is a secret to my success is wrong. Of his money to help the disadvantaged; Because God gave him the strength to withstand the challenges and difficulties.

Although Zhang has become a billionaire, His fortune is estimated at more than four billion dollars, and he has become one of the most important clothing merchants in the world, yet he still maintains his place from which he started in that poor neighborhood; It reminds him of his beginnings and inspires him to continue on the path to hard work and achieve more success and wealth.

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