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DON’T WAIT TO BE GREAT – Best Study Motivation Compilation for Success & Students


Don’t Wait To Be Great! This is a powerful Motivational Speech Video on working hard, pushing yourself, striving to be your best, making it happen and never giving up even when things get hard! These motivational videos are created to motivate students to work hard, study smart, and overcome feelings of depression and anxiety.


If you are reading this right now, do not give up on school or your studies. I say in my videos, you are great, you are meant to shine! Keep learning daily, don’t give up on you 🧡 you will make it through the school year this year


“To every action there is always an equal and opposite or contrary, reaction.” –Isaac Newton



To anybody who’s reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life.


If you’re reading this, You matter, Inside you is everything you need to achieve your goals and vision, if you don’t fit in, own that its your superpower you’re gifted. Stand out be bold and be great. I believe in you. You’re here on this video for a reason. Go do something great today! Don’t wait

In the end it’s only one thing that counts and will make the difference: CONSISTENCY. In the one, or in the other direction. Do it, or don’t do it. it’s a decision you have to make. But don’t search the answers out there; it’s in you…Success begins when you decide to leave behind what is and create your own reality.

I was one of your earliest subscribers! I didn’t come back after a year, you were too nice motivating me. It’s because of these times that we live in kind of made me come back. I’m damn sure the world will come back with a boom, probably even better! I believe the people reading my comment have got a purpose in life! We will get through this! Thanks for these videos, it was refreshing!


I m literally pissed off these days n fortunately, I gotta come to ur channel someday… I have never felt so motivated in my life before as I m now, deepest gratitude towards u and ur channel, thank you for saving every single second of my life, thank you for giving me clarity, thank you to make me feel who I am, thank you for givin’ me the courage to do stuff I have never thought I’ll do, thankyou

Thank you for this motivational message. I’m a student and sometimes I really want to give up because of the pressure and expectation of others but because of this message you give me hope to stand up and face the challenges
Thank you again M2S. I managed to complete my 50 page written project by listening to your videos while I was working. The material was ready in the word doc. I had to copy the whole thing down on my project file sheets. The work was difficult and boring. It has strained out the muscles of my right hand but thanks to the many videos that you have, I felt like someone was right there sitting beside me helping me and motivating me to get the work done. Thank you so much for your videos.
I am barely in grade 9 but I am overage. I want to work towards my dreams regardless of my age coz I believe education isn’t about age. I went to school at 14 and right now I am 18. I skipped a lot of classes to where I am now. Thanks to God and my intelligence. I am in need of someone to help me during this time. Pls drop your Instagram handle here if you are willing to help me in my education journey. I hope one day, I will be someone. It’s a complicated story but I am gonna cut it short. My God Bless anyone reading this comment. May you become successful in your life. Thanks
Very impressive… Can anybody tell me the name a person who weared a yellow jacket?? The name of the person who is.looking old 12.00 And third person which is last one..

17: 13-14

13: And We have tied every man’s fate upon his neck; and We shall produce a Book for him on the Day of Judgment that he will find It as an Illuminated Spread Open Book.

14: It will be said to him: “You read your Book, enough is you for your Reckoning this Day”.

Every man is fastened a Recording Book upon his neck which will record his thoughts, word, and deeds after his age of 15th till death. There are 7 verses including this which mentions the Recording Book. They are:

Verse 18: 49: The Book will be produced and you will see the Fujjar/Mujirims apprehensive; they will say: “Woe to us! What kind of a Book is this? It omits nothing either small or large unless it is recorded”; they will find there presented whatever they had done, and the Impartial Lord will not be unjust to anyone”.

Verses 23: 62-63: “And with Us a Recorded Book that will reflect with Truth, they will not be wronged. But their hearts are absentminded about It, and they will continue their deeds without the consciousness about the Recording Book.

Verses 36: 12: “Indeed, We shall revive the dead, We are Recording all that they are sending ahead and that their footprints left behind, We have Recorded everything in an Open Ledger”.

Verses 45: 28-29: “On that Day You will see each community bowing on their knees, everyone will be called to their Recorded Book and you will be rewarded according to your earnings. This is Our Book that will show your deeds with Truth, and We have been Recording whatever you were doing”.

Verse 58: 6: “On the Day of Judgment, Lord Allah will resurrect them all again and will show them what they have been doing; Allah has Recorded everything, but they have forgotten it all, and Allah is a Witness over each and everything”.

Verses 78: 21-30: “For those who are living here following Satanic forces, Hell will be the dominion. They were not expecting the Trial in the Hereafter and were repeatedly rejecting Our verses. We have been recording everything in a Clear Book; so you taste, We have increased to you nothing except punishment”.

Since the Three-Time-Knower Lord is the Impartial, He is informing man about his activities through His Speech—Adhikr. If everyone has the awareness of this fact, there happen no feelings, words, deeds, etc. which one doesn’t wish to be recorded and presented on the Day of Judgment. But today, Arabic Quran reading Fujjar all over the world are not learning or propagating Adhikr anywhere; so they are indulged in every mischievous and shameful activity like communalism, chauvinism, terrorism, flesh trade, smuggling, rape, and bloodshed as explained in 2: 168-169. These aimless and worthless people by forgetting Adhikr are preferring bodily and worldly life without considering the soul and the Hereafter. Thus, they are earning Hell for the 7th phase. Through 20: 14 it is commanded to perform prayer to maintain the Book ‘Dhikree’. But by rejecting Adhikr these worst people are seeing sexual organs in their hearts during their prayers. As Truth Adhikr is the Standard for Reckoning on the Day of Judgment, one should utilize It here to weigh all his deeds. Otherwise, the read, heard, and touched verses will argue and witness against them and will push them into Hell. That is why it is told about these worst creatures in verse 6: 26: “They are preventing mankind from Adhikr, and are preventing themselves from It; indeed they are destroying none except themselves, but they perceive it not”. These true disbelievers are falsely boasting that they are worshiping Allah and are following Messenger Muhammed. But they are serving Satan by following 29 pseudo-prophets.

To put it briefly, the fate of everyone who received the Book is into Hell. Male or female by utilizing Adhikr—the Guidance—should transform his/her Jinn soulmate into a believer as explained in verse 8: 48. Thus one can change his or her fate from the ledger ‘Sijjeen’ of Hell mentioned in 83: 7 into the ledger ‘Illiyeen’ of Paradise mentioned in 83: 18. See explanation 7: 8-9; 9: 51 and 25: 68-70.

From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book

Waw amazing. I am senegalese and i love those motivational videos. In reality i don’t luck of motivation no no but first of all i like the rythm of the videos and secondly i also can learn english with that. So thanks. I home my english is correct !

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