<span class='p-name'>Blue ocean strategy, how to get your rivals out of the game?</span>
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Blue ocean strategy, how to get your rivals out of the game?

Blue Ocean Strategy Book, How to Get Your Competitors Out of the  Game?

Blue Ocean Strategy Book: How to Drift the Market and Put Your Competitors Out of the Competition? Do you know the difference between red markets and blue markets? How do companies succeed in abstaining from competition, without depleting their resources in the competitors’ war? All of these questions and more are answered by  Blue Ocean Strategy :  How to Build an Unbeatable Market, which, with its 240 pages, has made a great impact around the world.

The Blue Ocean Strategy is  a global theory that has achieved unprecedented fame, as it is considered a revealing study about future markets and how they are organized and dealt with. It broke Harvard Publishing’s records for the fastest-selling printed book, over a million copies sold within its first year of publication, and has been translated into 93 languages.

The authors of the book Blue Ocean Strategy are Professors Chan Kim and René Mauburgen (who are prominent in the topic of strategy and have excellent research and have won awards for their writings) and they are from Harvard University in which they put forward a competitive strategy and modern marketing by searching for new blue oceans away from competition and wars. As it is prevalent in the business world.

You also care:  How do you move away from the traditional cycle of competition and outperform your competitors in the field of business?

Blue Ocean Strategy Book

The most important thing in this book is that it classified the markets into two types:

The first type: red oceans

They are markets full of competitors, familiar markets where conflict is raging and competition bloody. It is the one that represents most of the existing industries today, as it is a frequent and abundant presence in the business world and the basis for its success is the strength of strong competition, which depends on traditional techniques such as product differentiation, cost reduction and quality improvement.

The second type: blue oceans

It refers to virgin markets and quiet, uninhabited markets that have not yet been discovered and have not been polluted by the red color of bloody competition.

The authors highlight, then, through this book that there are two ways in which you can establish your business / project / company, the first is the traditional method through the red ocean, while the second method, which this book guides you through the blue ocean, is an innovative way to open new markets and new customers. Away from other people’s fights.

Take, for example, the “Facebook” model, after the red ocean (traditional media) was filled with wrestling and bloody competition, the idea of ​​Facebook came in a calm blue environment, under the name of “social media”, which was not a real market before .. And so he succeeded “Twitter” .. Thus, the American “Apple” succeeded, after the launch of an entirely new operating system and telephone, and outside the competition .. The book also mentioned many examples of the successful implementation of the Blue Ocean strategy in various fields such as watches, computers, cars, textiles, coffee, and companies Aviation, retailers, and even circuses.

The Blue Ocean Strategy book suggests an innovative way to get the competition out of the game. In it, the creator of this strategy proposes a proven, practical analytical framework, and successful tools for creating and owning a blue ocean strategy. It illustrates the six ways to create blue markets.

 A summary of the Blue Ocean Strategy book through this  link

Blue Ocean Strategy, The difference between the red markets and the blue markets, Download the Blue Ocean Strategy, PDF Book, How to make Manavisek out of the game, How do you sweep the market and put your competitors out of the competition?, How do companies succeed by abstaining from competition Blue Ocean Strategy Summary Book

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