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Best Web Hosting for WordPress (2020)


In this video, we discuss the 4 most popular types of hosting solutions for WordPress then compare the 2 of the most commonly used: shared hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting based on 8 components.



➡️Let us know in the comments, what are your best and worst experiences with WP hosting providers?

The main types of hostings that are discussed in this video are:

✅Dedicated hosting
✅VPS hosting
✅Shared hosting
✅Managed WordPress hosting

The components that should be used for choosing a hosting platform include:
1. Speed
2. Security
3. Backup
4. Elasticity
5. Uptime
6. Support
7. Complementary tools
8. Pricing

00:40 How websites are being hosted?
01:34 Hosting Types
01:42 What is Dedicated Hosting?
02:40 What is VPS Hosting?
03:59 What is Shared Hosting?
05:12 What is Managed Hosting?
05:46 Comparison of shared hosting and managed hosting
07:47 8 Components for choosing a hosting platform
12:49 Pricing of popular hosting providers
14:33 GoDaddy Pricing Plan
16:05 HostGator Pricing Plan
17:25 BlueHost Pricing Plan
18:15 10Web Pricing Plan
19:31 Speed of popular hosting providers
19:40 HostGator Speed Test
20:39 GoDaddy Speed Test
22:40 BlueHost Speed Test
23:06 10Web Speed Test
25:23 8 Components’ Comparison Table


Since people are actually reading this, let me give a few more words: Hostmonster (about 5 years ago) started to migrate East with outfarming their Customer Support into Countries, where agents struggled with language skills and access to higher level techs – while server performance kept deteriorating – SiteGround, on the other hand, originating in Eastern Europe, has customer support is staffed with very friendly folks, speaking impeccable English, and often starting a chat with “Glad to have you over” and the like ;-)………….and that typically after wait times of less than 30 secs :-)……………..you get the drift. SG support agents are trained very well and almost invariably resolve the issue, and when asked, give precise and useful answers. So server performance AND customer support is the key for this host!


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