<span class='p-name'>9 mistakes that keep you from becoming rich</span>
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9 errors prevent you from becoming rich

Contrary to what many believe, everyone has the same opportunity to achieve wealth and live a better life. The matter depends on you, and the way you think about managing your life, taking the risk factor into account and not being afraid.

The US “Business Insider” site cited 9 indicators that confirm that you will not get rich one day, as long as you stick to your old habits and your traditional thinking in terms of dealing with your financial income specifically, according to Steve Siebold, the millionaire who made his fortune himself.

Mistakes that keep you from getting rich:

  1. Your excessive focus on saving money, not on earning more of it

This causes important opportunities to be missed. On the contrary, the rich invest more effort in how to maximize wealth, not store it.

“I think the greatest mistake is not learning early savings habits properly. Saving is a habit that should be earned. ‘

  1. You haven’t started investing yet

Investing is one of the best ways to increase money, and the true thing here is that the faster, the better.

  1. Your reliance on a regular monthly salary only

Usually the wealthy have a number of private for-profit enterprises.

This does not mean that many high-income earners do not work by the hour, but the truth is that this system is the slowest path to wealth even though it is the safest. Great people know that self-employment is the fastest path to wealth. ”
Steve Siebold

  1. You buy things that are too expensive for your income

Even if you have a large income, this does not mean that you should spend more. And if you are among those who spend inconsistently with what they earn, this will make you far from rich.

“Do not buy what you do not need, there will come a day when you will be forced to sell what you need.”

  1. You pursue other people’s dreams, not your own

If you want to be successful, you have to define what you love and dream about. And to choose your own path, not to follow in the footsteps of those who preceded you, because this probably will not make you a happy person as much if you pave a path that distinguishes you from others.

  1. You fear getting out of the kind of stability you are currently experiencing

Fear of instability hinders your path forward, while misery, anxiety and risk often accompany successful people, especially at the start of their projects.

  1. You do not have goals for your money

The money was not printed to show off, but rather to work with it. In order to build your wealth, you must have a clear plan with specific goals for how to best invest your money.

  1. Spend and keep what remains

This is a wrong strategy on the way to getting rich. This means that you have to set aside a percentage of your income before you spend on anything else.

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

  1. You think getting rich is impossible

Instead of bemoaning what you don’t have whenever you see Soraya, you have to ask yourself: Why not me? This gives you a cove to make even a step towards getting rich.

“The average person believes that wealth is a privilege granted only to lucky people. But the truth is that everyone at this age has the opportunity to get rich if he is prepared to offer real value to others.

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13 Things To Avoid If You Want To Become Rich


Have you ever wondered, why you’re not rich? Why you’re not living your dream life? Well, you probably have one or more of these 13 things to avoid if you want to become rich. If you’re ready to leave your old life behind and work on your dream, watch this video now to discover how.

The rich stay rich by making productive moves like investing but personally I recommend you do a background check up on your source before you invest, Ensure you are investing through a solid foundation source to avoid losing funds


1. Blaming others or circumstances
2. Thinking you know it all
3. Fear
4. Comfort zone
5. Project your insecurities in others negatively
6. Excuses
7. Try to please everyone else
8. Justifications
9. Jealousy
10. Don’t being yourself
11. Thinking you are too shy
12. Give Importance to other’s people opinions
13. Do not trust teamwork


My 12 best tips to become rich:

1. Develop
2. A
3. High-Income Skill
4. Because
5. Money
6. Is
7. Nothing
8. More
9. Than
10. A
11. Value-to-value
12. Exchange



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