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7 golden laws from the book The Richest Man in Babylon to Get Rich

Who among us does not want to achieve financial success and wealth? Who among us does not wish to implement some magic and golden laws, only to find himself earning a lot of money and making a lot of wealth through it?

In order to fulfill these aspirations and desires, you have to be successful in your dealings with money. That is, to be able to use the principles of dealing with money that we will explain to you in the next article, as these principles help you to get rid of the scarcity of money in your wallet, and to live a happy and luxurious life.

The laws of money are universal laws and do not change just like the law of gravity. George Clason, author of “The Richest Man in Babylon,” believes that money today is governed by the same laws that governed it six thousand years ago, when the streets of Babylon were teeming with the rich. In this book, the author returns with his memory back to Babylon, where the cradle in which the basic principles of making money arose, those principles now recognized and used in all parts of the world.

What are the most important ideas in the book The Richest Man in Babylon?

The Richest Man in Babylon is one of the most motivating books in the field of wealth and money, and it has sold more than two million copies. This book deals with the personal successes of each of us. Where proper preparation is the basis for success, for our actions will not be wise except with the wisdom of our thoughts, and our thoughts will not be wise except with the wisdom of our understanding of things.

The book presents several remedial methods to overcome the lack of money portfolios, and is a guide to understanding financial matters. This is its goal: to provide a clear vision to those who aspire to achieve financial success, helping them to earn money, keep it, and make the surplus of it reap more money.

The book helps to inspire many people and give them the incentive to develop their bank accounts, achieve great financial successes, and it also helps them solve their intractable financial problems, which are the same problems that people express in all parts of the world. It also ensures that you have a wallet crammed with money, a large balance in the bank, and financial progress.

Summary of The World’s Richest Man and the Golden Rules for Getting Rich
Money is abundant for those who understand the simple laws governing its earnings. The following is a summary of the book of the richest man in Babylon written by George Clason with the golden laws that help you to earn money and achieve enormous wealth:

1- Start filling your wallet

The secret to making money and filling your wallet is that you pay yourself money first. Once you start filling your wallet, always try to save a portion of it. “Of every ten coins you put in your wallets, take nine of them out for use and you will find that your wallets have suddenly started to swell,” says Clason.

Money comes easily and in increasing quantities for anyone who saves at least one-tenth of his income in order to invest it for his future and the future of his family.

2- Control your expenses

Clason says on the words of the richest man in the world: “Do not confuse the necessary expenses with personal desires, for each of you has more desires than his income can satisfy.”

In his opinion, we must carefully study consumption and buying habits, as we may find that there are certain expenses that we can reduce or even eliminate rationally. Budget your necessary expenses and don’t touch how much you are saving. And you will see how wealth will grow, as Arkad, the richest man in Babylon, said, “Wealth is like a tree, which grows from a tiny seed, and the first piece of money you save is the seed through which the wealth tree will grow.”

3- Work to grow your wealth

The money that you save will not achieve wealth on its own, but the beginning of your path to achieving it, as the profits resulting from investing it are what will increase your wealth and make it double.

Arkad says: “A man’s wealth does not lie in the bag of money that he carries, as the bag of money overflowing with money quickly runs out unless there is a renewable resource working to fill it again.”

4- Keep your wealth from being lost

You must preserve your wealth strongly, and it is wise to first save a small amount and learn to protect it before you can earn more.

Try to seek advice from successful, wealthy, and experienced people, and avoid scammers who do not have any kind of experience.

5- Use your home to make profitable investments

You have to stay away from paying the homeowner and save the money needed to own a home, even if you have to buy it in certain installments. Then you will own valuable property, and the only cost will be installments that you pay every period.

6- Ensure a stable income for your future

Put all your money into a profit that helps you build your own stable financial resource that can turn into a river of money that constantly flows into your wallet. It is wise to plan investments or backup measures that will keep you safe for many years.

7- Double your earning capacity

Earning a certain amount of money does not mean achieving wealth. Rather, you should invest that money to double your earning capacity.

The art of money
Richest man in Babylon Get rich Financial success Financial awareness George Clarson



Among the phrases that “Robert Kiyosaki” believes in, and even mentioned it in writing the famous “rich dad poor dad” or “rich father and poor father” is (Job is the short-term solution – to a long-term problem)
Rather, he talked about the employees who believe that the job is everything in their lives and is the savior from perdition, so he said to them: (No matter how high you rise in prestigious jobs, the day will come when you become old and useless, but you must change) and he also said (The slave with a large salary – remains a slave in End of command).

And motivate all workers in the jobs to think outside the mental box that they live in their imaginations with this phrase (Why climb the career ladder to the next? – Why do not you have the whole ladder?), (Employees are working as hard as they have so that employers do not distract them – and employers pay less What the workers deserve so that they do not leave their jobs)

It is clear that between the lines of the wonderful “Robert Kiyosaki” as if he was talking about the network marketing industry, and even mentioned in his talks and lectures (If you want to move from the poor side, the rich side with simple capital and a good intellectual and mental shift with a strong motivation for you, you should direct sales, especially marketing. Networker) and also talked about the goal of working in network marketing, and even about the reason for all network marketers to endure all this fatigue and trouble in building an entity for them within this industry.

Of course, any information from a successful person such as “Robert Kiyosaki” is a reference, but a treasure for everyone looking for wealth and wealth creation, in addition to the benefit that will accrue to the person who decided to open the treasure chest to search for what suits him from it. We see that all the books of “Robert” Kiyosaki addresses one message, which is not to be afraid of failure and repeat it because in repetition of failure the professionalism of success. – And the poor get poorer? This is what those who are striving for success and who want to realize their dreams are looking for. Poverty stands as a barrier between them and their dreams.

In the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, the author, trainer and wealthy “Robert Kiyosaki” teaches us a set of important life lessons, which are as follows:

1. Rich people don’t work for money.
2. If you want to be rich, you must learn some financial rules.
3. How to take care of your core business and make money without leaving your job.
4. History of taxes and the power of institutions.
5. The rich invent money.
6. I work and get employed in order to learn, but not work for money.

Who among us does not want to be rich? Of course everyone
But who of us learned to be rich? Probably not more than 3% of us, as the American proverb says (Everyone wants to enter Heaven, but who has done something to keep him from Hell?)

Who among us has gone bankrupt and wants to pay off his debt, which is increasing day after day?
But from where, as long as all of our income goes to unknown sources, as if it was spent before we get it?

Who among us sees his dreams in front of a sample at a small distance, but turns it clear and between his dreams, a wall that is like me, which is money?
Do not think about breaking this kebayyi wall with your limited experience, but learn from those who preceded you on this path how they got rid of this huge barriers and achieved their dreams and got out of the logic of working for money, but now they have made money that works for them, and even devoted themselves to the manufacture of wealth.

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