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7 best apps to manage and adjust your personal budget

Who among us does not have difficulty managing our budget and monthly expenditures?

We spend more than our monthly income, we spend on luxury goods until we do not have enough money to buy basic goods, and sometimes we get drowned in debt or we may go bankrupt.

All we really need is good organization and management, by monitoring financial accounts, monthly expenditures, in addition to tracking bills and managing monthly expenses, weekly spending limits, matching account limits in relation to credit cards, billing dates and loan installments to avoid drowning in interest. And so on. If your decision is to organize your financial life, track your spending, your bills, and set your budget properly and balanced, we will present to you some of the best applications that can help you manage your budget and your monthly expenses and adjust them according to your income, where we will mention to you with the explanation the best smart phone applications Among them are Arab applications that can be used to determine your salary or monthly income offset by the total expenses, and in this way you will be able to convert your smartphone into a digital wallet, to have a financial advisor in your pocket.

1- Mint app

It is one of the most popular applications in this field. It provides the user with all the tools he needs to organize monthly income and expenses, and it also helps him to organize appropriate amounts for saving in addition to setting and organizing budgets.

You can use this application by entering your bank account information, to link bank accounts with the application. You can then track your income and expenses, to know exactly where they were spent, and the app also reminds the user of debts and installment payment dates. Although the application stores bank card information, it also protects this information very tightly.

The app is divided into sections, where each section provides an overview of your financial situation, and provides a report on all the expenses that you have spent. The app also notifies you when you are over budget, or when you are spending more than normal. It also provides a detailed report on your spending pattern, to show you where you’re wrong with your financial habits.

2- Google wallet application

It is also a free app from Google. This application helps you get rid of the confusion and clutter that can be caused by you in the spending and payment process, whether in cash or by credit card, as it makes you dispense with carrying cash and credit cards.

This application allows users to pay for their purchases by putting their bank card numbers, or by using a prepaid card, and take advantage of special offers on various products and merchandise, which makes online shopping faster and easier. The application also has many other features such as storing and organizing bills.

3- Learn Vest

It is a free application that is primarily useful for people who want to organize their budgets and monthly income, but are unable to set a starting point or are unable to plan for it. Where it enables them to save saving data and investment accounts, to get a comprehensive view of the reality of the financial situation and the details of spending during a certain period of time.

This application divides your expenditures into a group of departments, and then shows you the amount of spending on the various departments, as it allows you to set specific goals, and track them to verify your commitment to the budget limits that you have set.

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What distinguishes this application also is that it offers a service that you do not find in many applications, as it gives you a free call with a financial expert to help you define your goals, and you can get more services for planning or budgeting for a specific financial fee.

4- Check application

This app mainly relies on recording accounts, billing dates and installments, and thus it is the best solution for people who cannot remember when they pay their bills.

All you have to do is record your accounts and the dates for the bills to be paid, and he will remind you. Thus, you avoid not paying your due bills on time, and it also helps you avoid paying late fees or fines.

5- Fees Application

It is considered one of the best Arab applications that help you manage your expenses and monthly income. The app is mainly easy to use and does not need to enter a lot of data.

All you need to do is to constantly enter the amount of salary or income you get per month in addition to the additional income or income that you would get if you had multiple sources of income.

The app will automatically record all the expenses you spend once you receive your salary every month. The application also provides a graphical feature for each month, which it uses to help you identify your average monthly expenditure. Finally, the application provides high privacy by allowing the user to enter a password to protect privacy.

6- Calculate it correct application

This application helps you to record all expenses that are spent in income or monthly salary.

The application calculates the total of your monthly expenses and revenues, and then provides you with detailed and clear reports on the movement of cash flows and the rate of spending of the salary on a monthly basis, by using a graph that shows expenses and revenues.

7- My wallet app

It is one of the new applications, as it allows you to manage your monthly expenses and monitor them continuously compared to income.

This application also manages income as it calculates the total expenses and presents them to you documented with dates. It also provides the possibility of modification or deletion with regard to old expenses

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BEST BUDGETING APPS FOR 2020: I Tried 10 Different Apps!!


Wanting to get started on a budgeting app but not sure which one? The problem is you can spend 30 minutes to an hour setting one up just to realize there’s a feature you don’t want. Well I’ve done that work for you. I picked 10 of what looked to be the best apps available and I downloaded and played with them. From there I narrowed the list down to a top 3 and discuss those in this video.

Budgeting apps are a great way to get on top of your expenses. If you aren’t currently budgeting, syncing up with an app can be an eye opening experience.

All of these apps were reviewed on an iPhone X.

My top 3 are:
Clarity Money
Personal Capital

The other 7 I reviewed that didn’t make the cut with reasons are below. These are actually good apps, just in my opinion they weren’t as good as the top 3:

Goodbudget – You have to manually enter transactions. They limit functionality unless you upgrade for $ 6 / mo or $ 50 / yr.

Fudget – Simple app with limited functionality. You have to manually enter transactions.

EveryDollar – Cost $ 130 / yr to link in transactions from banks. Not as much functionality as the top 3.

Daily Budget – Really clean, simple app, but limited. It has multiple add ons you can upgrade, or upgrade all for $ 8. Doesn’t automatically import transactions.

Pennies – Only app I tried that cost to download. It was $ 4. Similar to Daily Budget, really clean and simple. You also have to manually enter transactions.

You Need A Budget (YNAB) – Free to download but immediately makes you sign up for a subscription at $ 12 / mo or $ 84 / yr. Seems to be a good app but expensive.

NerdWallet – Similar to Mint, but I liked Mint better. Thought this one had too many links to articles and tips for my liking. Made it a little busy for my taste.

Please double check the prices if you decide to sign up for one of these apps. They may have changed by the time you watch this video.

Let me know in the comments if you think I missed one that should have been reviewed!


I was using ynab in 2019 and paid the $ 80 yearly fee. It is a really great budgeting app with personal financing (no investment advice). You can link all your accounts and it separates your assets and liabilities. Its great for those who need to track daily spending. You will recieve notifications on the ynab app (which is easy to use). There are free workshops and tutorials on how to use the program. That is phenomenal as well because your questions are answered right away m. Recently i stopped using ynab due to some
Accounts not syncing correctly and losing connection. However, ive switched to personal capital and love it so far. Its free and a debt paydown is located on the front page vs. swiping over 2-4 pages. Thank you for this video.


This was helpful, because I really didn’t know how much was out there. I’ve been using Mint for a couple years, and it’s great for the overview and historical data, but I struggled to actually budget with it. Also, I use a lot of cash, so I wound up using Fudget to fill in the budgeting gaps (like including cash transactions and entering my paychecks and bills when I know they’re coming up as like a very simple outline since Mint doesn ‘ t connect to all my bills). I’ve actually been thinking of using YNAB based on a friend recommendation, but I’m going to try Clarity and Personal Capital first.


I originally used MintBills only and I loved that app and was disappointed when they integrated with the Mint budgeting app bc a lot of the functionality was lost. I stopped using Mint because although I had accounts with 2 major banks, my transactions weren’t being imported timely & my accounts kept being disconnected, which effected me being able to properly budget.

I’ve been using EveryDollar for little over a year. I love how my posted transactions are posted the next day. I also like the recent upgrades to the app and now the BabySteps companion app and the ease of use. What I do not like is that when transactions import for credit cards and debt accounts it throws of the reconciliation of the balance.

I’ve been looking into YNAB bc I can create a personal and business budget under the same profile & they’re a bit more intuitive than EveryDollar.


I’ve been using Mint and GoodBudget app years ago, and recently I’ve tried all of them, but I’ve one problem, I just need a simple app without too many configurations, that made me more stress when using it (My day time already very stress), those apps have too many functionality, and the balance keep reset to zero at started month (I though my balance finish off at the beginning or this is bug, but developer told me it was natural behavior of the app , but I still can’t accept my balance keep reset to zero every month, I need to know balance to plan my next year trip, faint), till one day my little colleague recommended me another new app, and it was simple to use and the balance will carry forward to next month, what !! Now I love to use it, and my wife also using it right now, I suggest you try this app money manager 365

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