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Self-employment – the 6 most important self-employment majors that you can work with anywhere

Self-employment provided radical solutions to all of the restrictions that were imposed on the full-time worker. Now those who choose independent work will not need to go to the office or workplace every day. Because he can work from any place he determines, whether at home or anywhere he wants. It can also choose its own working times and schedules.

The results of some recent studies indicate that the number of self-employed workers is on the rise. A recent study conducted in the United States of America revealed that there are approximately 54 million people, equivalent to about 17% of the population, working in the fields of independent work. The study also indicates that 60% of these people started self-employment by choice and of their own free will. The aforementioned study added that 50% of independents stated that they would not resort to traditional jobs if they were offered, and whatever the salary they would get.

These figures and percentages indicate that self-employment is no longer a side or additional matter as it was in the past. Many people have found in it a way out of unemployment and a means to earn a livelihood that guarantees their financial freedom and financial stability, and there are many who work as independents who found the opportunity available to them to achieve passive income, in addition to the income generated from the job. On the other hand, these numbers and percentages indicate the feasibility of self-employment, compared to the traditional job, and the modest income that results from it, to the point that there are many who get a monthly income that is many times what they can get through the traditional job. In this article, we will learn about the most important areas of freelance work that you can choose from, according to your interests, skills, and goals.

The most prominent fields and specialties of self-employment and the most income:

1. Self-employment in the marketing department

Marketing is the heart of any company, regardless of its size and nature of work. The company’s success in all of its activities depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing. Marketing is the function through which companies are able to communicate with their markets and display their products in an attempt to persuade consumers to buy. And because marketing is an expensive job, some companies – especially small ones – may face difficulties in securing the sums and budgets needed to implement marketing activities such as promotion, advertising, distribution, and others. Hence the opportunity for freelancers with marketing experience; Where the companies commission them to do the marketing activities they need for a reasonable cost.

It goes without saying that the means of electronic marketing and social media have succeeded in reaching the target markets with a high degree of effectiveness and low cost. There are a large number of people who have entered the field of self-employment in marketing in particular, and they assist companies in marketing and selling their products to the target consumers, in exchange for remunerative sums.

2. Self-employment by writing and blogging

Technological development has resulted in new methods of communication between individuals and groups. This has led to fundamental changes in many aspects of life. In the field of journalism, for example, paper newspapers began to recede and electronic journalism appeared, which imposed itself strongly. As a result, there was a need for editors and writers in these newspapers to write reports, articles, news and more. Many newspapers have tended to search for people who are able to do the mentioned tasks without being permanent employees.

From here emerged the concept of free work in the field of journalism, which includes hundreds of independent writers who are skilled and capable in writing. This field is still open to those who have the required capabilities, and the demand for independents is constantly increasing. In the same context, website and blogging owners need outstanding bloggers in return for good amounts of money for each article or any written article that can be published.

3. Freelance work in translation

Translation is a fertile field of self-employment. There is an increasing and noticeable demand for people who are fluent in more than one language to do the translation of different texts for the benefit of individuals or companies. Translation of books, articles, documents, legal contracts, and many more can be requested. Experience shows that skilled freelancers who are able to translate from one language to another make good money for their services. We emphasize that translation as a free enterprise is constantly growing and increasing.

4. Freelance work in programming

Freelance experts stress that programming in general and application programming in particular are strong and expanding areas. As it is known, any activity on the Internet must have a master programmer for his work, in order to take all the necessary steps to establish a site, game or any other application. This specialization is one of the most income-generating disciplines, but it needs skills and experience, and if a person is proven to be capable of it, he may earn hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of dollars.

5- Information Technology

Information technology refers to the study and use of systems to store, retrieve and transmit various information, including software, hardware, and various applications. The use of information technology has become essential for nearly everything; Whether with regard to the work of governmental organizations or private companies, and in various educational, training, economic and other fields. With the technological development in the modern era, the demand for independent persons who work in the field of self-employment has increased, as has their income significantly and significantly.

6. Self-employment in the specialty of graphic design

Graphic design is characterized by its ability to express and convey the messages that advertisers and marketers want to send to the target audience, using colors, illustrations, animation and other advanced design methods. Graphic design is one of the most popular freelance fields in demand by various entities and companies. Designers can earn a good income through work and creativity in this field.

In conclusion, whatever freelance field you choose to find your way to success and financial freedom, you must strive to develop yourself first and foremost, pay attention to your skills and potentials and work to develop them. It is also wise not to enter the field of self-employment until after you are armed with all the necessary knowledge and information. Finally, we advise you to master your service and to ensure the satisfaction of your customer in order to ensure continuity in dealing with him. Your customer is your most valuable asset.

You can start searching for the job or job opportunity that suits you through this link: The most famous freelance job site on the Internet.

In the end, we have presented to you the 6 most important self-employment majors that you can work with anywhere, we hope you have benefited from this article.

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