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Small Businesses: 50 Profitable Businesses For 2020 With Feasibility Study

Detailed and ready-to-implement successful small projects, you will find in this article a list of download links for 50 profitable projects for the year 2020 with a detailed feasibility study for each project.

We wrote, specially for these young people, this article to develop their ideas and expand their areas of thinking and economic horizons to present to them a set of feasibility studies ready for a set of ideas for successful projects and investment opportunities and their feasibility and requests for feasibility studies. In this topic, we will present small projects for young people with detailed studies ready for implementation.

50 profitable projects for the year 2020 With the feasibility study that we have collected for you, it does not mean that you have become indispensable for preparing an actual feasibility study for all administrative and technical matters for your next project, but rather covers the aspects that you need to study and think about seriously before opening the project, to make sure that you are on the verge of a profitable project Or a project that is not feasible, and you will be able to correct the errors that may occur during the preparation of the project.

Small Businesses:  50  Profitable Businesses For 2020 (With Feasibility Study)

1 – Food projects ideas

1. Feasibility study of a fish fried restaurant project 

2.  Feasibility study of an Indian food restaurant project 

3. Feasibility study of the Baladi Kabab project

4. Feasibility study of the ice cream project

5. Feasibility study for the Pies Shop project

6. Feasibility study of the Shawarma shop project

7.  Feasibility study of the shrimp sandwich shop project

8.  Feasibility study of the burger shop project 

9. Feasibility study of a kiosk project specialized in selling potatoes

10. Feasibility study of the ice cream kiosk project

11. Feasibility study for the A-class cafeteria project

12. Feasibility study for a cafeteria category B project

13. Feasibility study for a category C cafeteria project

2 – Ideas for offices and rental companies projects

1. Funds for a feasibility study of a safety deposit box project

2. Feasibility study of a ready-made administrative office rental project

3. Feasibility study of the project of renting transport trucks

3 – Various service project ideas

1. Feasibility study for a training center project

2. Feasibility study for a laundry project

3. Feasibility study of the optical fiber project

4. Feasibility study of a center for the care of men

5. Feasibility study of a student service center project

6. Feasibility study for a computer service center project

7. Feasibility study for a gift packaging shop project

8. Feasibility study for a project for a shop for filling and selling gas cylinders

4 – Ideas for commercial stores projects

1. Feasibility study of the carpet and carpet exhibition project

2. Feasibility studies for the Décor store project

3. Feasibility study of the Turkish carpet exhibition

4. Feasibility studies for the Baladi Sweets Shop project

5. Feasibility study for a men’s clothing store

6. Feasibility study for the air conditioner shop

7. Feasibility study for a shop selling honey and ghee

8. Feasibility study of the shop for selling paints and their accessories

9. Feasibility study for a mobile shop

10. Feasibility study for a shop selling agricultural seeds and fertilizers

5- Small workshop project ideas

1. Feasibility study of a carpentry workshop project

2. Feasibility study of a metal coating workshop

3. Feasibility study of a blacksmith workshop

4. Feasibility studies of the Macaroni factory project

5. Feasibility study for a water desalination plant project

6. Feasibility study of the sewak packing project

7. Feasibility study of the printer ink filling project

8. Feasibility study for an air-conditioned maintenance center project

9. Feasibility study of a key copy store project

6 – Women project ideas and housework

1. Feasibility studies for a factory project for the manufacture of home clothes

2. Feasibility study for a home-made cotton candy factory

3. Feasibility study of the home cake industry project

7 – Ideas for foodstuff projects

1. Feasibility studies for the sesame oil press project

2. Feasibility study of the food distribution project

3. Feasibility study of a grain packaging project

8- Contracting business project ideas

1. Feasibility studies of the block workshop project

2. Feasibility study of a public services contractor project

3. Feasibility study of a contractor project for ready-mixed concrete installations

4. Feasibility study of a metal roof contractor project

5. Feasibility study of a factory project for the manufacture of gypsum

9 – Ideas for auto services projects

1. Feasibility study of a project for car mechanics

2. Feasibility study of a car bodyshop and paint workshop

3. Feasibility study for a project for tire service center

4. Feasibility study for a car battery service shop

5. Feasibility study for a replacement engine oil project

6. Feasibility study of the Shacman repair workshop

We have provided you with 50 profitable projects for the year 2020 with the feasibility study, so do not forget to share and publish it with others so that the benefit is spread to everyone. ::

Finally, remember that it is not enough to search for ideas for successful small projects that are detailed and ready for implementation, even if you know what project you are about to create and demand, but you have to know the mysteries of this project and a detailed feasibility study for it to catch the mistakes that may cause you to lose the project before it starts . Only capital is not enough to create a profitable project, but you have to have marketing and management skills, which is very necessary for the success of your project. You must obtain the necessary experience to manage this project through a feasibility study and by consulting with expertise from your colleagues, acquaintances, specialists and experts who have undertaken pioneering projects before and have achieved real success in this field.

And remember that there is no success without an order from God Almighty.

Notice :

You can take the general structure of the feasibility study and fill in your data to suit your market prices, because the numbers and prices mentioned differ according to the market and the prices of the currency in which you deal.

Source: Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Jeddah Center for Small Enterprise Development – 50 profitable projects for the year 2020 with a feasibility study

50 profitable projects for 2020 with a feasibility study Small business ideas very profitable 2020 small projects Successful small projects for young people

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