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5 Most Popular Freelance Online Platforms To Make Money

Online freelance platforms

Many of the unemployed carry in their possession some qualifications that may help them to open their own business on the Internet, and many workers aspire to increase their income and are looking for a project that they can invest through in their spare time, and for these people, we will present in this article the most famous platforms Freelance work on the Internet in the Arab world, which enables any aspirant to work with a little experience and a lot of patience to open his project and increase his income. You can start freelancing on the Internet and earn money now.

5 best freelance online platforms:


Khamsat is a miniature Arab market, and it is one of the largest freelance platforms in the Arab market, you must have experience in one of the areas offered by the site such as writing, design, programming, etc., so that you offer your service at a price of $ 5 and customers buy it with a commission of $ 1 for the platform for each service.

This platform was founded by blogger Raouf Shabayek, where it won the first place in the Technology World competition for the best Arab web projects in 2011, and in the same year, Hsoub bought a five-platform platform, and the site’s sales exceeded one million dollars in 2014.


The independent freelance work platform also affiliated with “Hassoub” company opens the way for project owners and companies to contract with professional freelancers to do their work, so that the owner of each project presents his project on the platform so that the independents begin to offer their services at the price that suits each of them and for a specific period so that the project owner chooses the best offer and is able to achieve Project goals .

The commission of the site is $ 15 for each project that is implemented through the platform, and the number of freelancers on this platform is about 120,000 freelancers with various skills such as writing, translation, proofreading, marketing and others.


The freelance platform Picallica is an online store that allows experienced designers and developers to display their work with professional, appropriate and appropriately templates, and through this store it is possible to purchase these artistic templates, which may be designs, websites, logos, etc.

Despite the professionalism of this store, its high commission, which reaches 40% per sale, makes independents who are looking for a source of income to move away from it at the beginning of their journey and head to other sites with a lower commission.

any help

The freelance platform, which is a service of the “IB Gate” company, was launched in 2012, and it aims to gather the energies of the skilled Arab youth in various fields of design, writing and other skills that require individual effort, then display it on the platform for the benefit of all.

This platform seeks to buy and sell microservices such as: design and graphics, marketing on social networks, writing and translation, studies and research, personal and financial advice and others, and the commission of this platform per service is 25%.

Freelance Me

The Freelance platform is the only freelance platform that has two interfaces, one in Arabic and the other in English, as well as its support for Egyptian currencies.

Freelance aims to communicate between the owners of companies and the owners of free professions, to reduce the unemployment rate directly, as it is based on supporting short-term projects, and providing companies with all the human resources they need.

The giant Freelance platform was launched in cooperation between the Ministry of Youth in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Microsoft and with the support of the United Nations Development Program, so that this platform is a very important gateway to know the requirements of work in the Arab market in general.

In conclusion, before you start self-employment on one of these platforms, you must understand the mechanism of the platform’s work accurately and read the terms and laws of each platform separately, then decide what platform suits your ambition and suits your abilities and skills that you want to start with, and remember that working in work platforms The heat requires patience and a long soul, do not despair from the first stage, and do not expect that the site will bring profits to you with the blink of an eye and its release, and trust in God, the All-Knowing, All-Knowing, in every step you take, and he will not disappoint you.

We have provided you, dear followers of the art of money site, the most famous freelance platform on the Internet, we hope that we have contributed to opening new horizons in front of you, so publish the article on the largest scale, as there may be someone waiting for him to start his path of success, and the site’s family promises you to provide more, so follow us.

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Thank you for sharing that you had speaking challenges and that you are an introvert and how you overcame the challenge. You encouraged my 18 yr old daughter with your testimony. THANK YOU! Plus all of the other information was valuable and helpful GOD BLESS YOU!


I already know how to do all of these things, I had my affiliate business for 3 years now and I only made around £600, it takes hard work. To be a successful affiliate marketer you need an audience, if you don’t have an audience you won’t make much. Your main focus should be growing an audience and not working your business.




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