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5 BEST Ways to Wake Up at 4:00 AM Every Day | Scientifically Proven


I am definitely going to getup at 4 A.M. tommorow & for the next 7 days and 1st thing in the morning I’ll update this comment !!
Day 1 – Done ✓
Day 2 – Done ✓
Day 3 – Done ✓
Day 4 – Done ✓
Day 5 – Done ✓
Day 6 – Missed today. Will have to start over again 😥😞

Day1- ✓
Day2- ✓
Day3- ✓
Day4- ✓
Day5- ✓
Day6- ✓
Day7- ✓
Finally done !

Am doing this from months- but u will feel Lazy n sleepy when u woke up at 4am, here is something that u should do
1.u have to Go at bed Sharp 9Pm
2.first thing to do, Put headphones in ear,listen ur favourite music, will help to wake uo ur senses (Imagine dragons should Help)
3. Take a Shower if possible or Do 10 min excersise Plank,Push up, doing both will surely helpful.
U have to feel that u are going to live extra than other people


Keep alarm at 4am with Ur favourite ringtone song
do this after u wake up
1 Listen to the favourite music
2 read the inspirational quotes that tells importance of time
3 do meditation
4 drink enough water
5 do yoga or simple excercise
6 walk few steps
7 do the important work like
Studying job related work
21 days Do the same
It will become your habit
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  1. Get 6-8 hours of sleep: set a time to go to the bed every single day – 1:10
  2. Develop a calloused mind: stick a routine every single day, even if you have to push yourself a lot on it – 4:25
  3. Mentally check in with yourself: what are you doing to achieve all your dreams? what you can do to make it even better – 6:20
  4. Use tools in your advantage: use apps that force you to get up in order to shut off your alarm. Leave the curtains open so the sun shines in directly in the morning – 8:16
  5. Learn your sleep chronotype: biological saying maybe you can’t be an earlier riser, but you’ll not know that untill you test it. You can map what time of the day you are mentally more active, use that in your advantage as well – 9:28

Obs.: I don’t know where you live but in my country, 4AM is still night out there, so, leaving your curtains open to wake up with the sun sunshine does not make sense at all, but it is okay.


During marine corps bootcamp, we would sleep at 8pm and wake up at 4am everyday. By 8-9 am we would already have cleaned the squadbay, have breakfast, physically train, the rest of the day would be focusing on more discipline, training and classes. I also notice that the people who took the most action were the ones who became leaders. Coming back to the civilian world, I also notice that “successful people” were the ones who made sh’t happen. A lot of us have goals and wonder why we haven’t accomplished them. Ask yourself: what am I doing to accomplish my goal? Are you doing the most you can? For example, if you want to be a filmmaker, you can’t just go to college. Thousands of other people are doing the same. Be the one who stands out. Make films, look for work whether it’s paid or not because at the end of the day, the one that gets hired is the one who made shit happen. Get out of your comfort zone, stop being lazy, and be the one who wants it the most! This has helped me earn the things I have today!



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