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21 profitable home business ideas that don’t need a lot of capital

Perhaps you want to earn money, but your household responsibilities prevent you from doing that, or you aspire to start an entrepreneurial or commercial project that generates a lot of money for you, but you do not have an entrepreneurial idea for your project that will help you work at home.

A business idea is the first step in starting any business. Here we offer you 21 ideas for various commercial and home projects that do not need a large capital, and you are sure to find what suits you best, start now, choose the appropriate idea and start working.

What distinguishes working on projects at home is the flexibility that you can enjoy, by choosing the working time that suits you, in addition to that it often does not require you to cost much to start the project.

In the following list, you will see a set of distinctive and simple ideas for 21 profitable home projects ideas, from which you can choose what suits you best to start earning money without the hassle and hardship of working outside the home:

Ideas for profitable home projects that do not need a lot of capital (21 ideas)

1. A beauty salon project

It is a very popular idea in the Arab world, where you can simply take out a part of the house or even one room, and use it as a beauty salon. You can start as simple as using simple tools at low costs. You can also provide limited services at the beginning, specifically those that do not need much equipment.

You can then save part of the revenue that you collect to expand your project, increase your services by buying more equipment, paying more for marketing, and so on.

Of course, you can work within the neighborhood only at the beginning, and your good reputation can increase your fame to other neighborhoods until you reach all parts of the city.

2. Training project for sports or yoga

Sports is a basic need, but there are many people who have the desire to play sports but they either do not have enough enthusiasm and motivation, or they do not prefer to register in sports clubs because of their high prices, or their distance from their place of residence or work, or other reasons.

If you have enough interest in sports, you should use it to make money through your ability to be highly competitive, and by saving initial work costs by using part of your home for training. You can start with sports or exercises that do not require much equipment and are expensive. After expanding your business, you can purchase additional equipment and advertise new services.

3. Painting gallery project

If you have the slightest interest in painting or art, and you have a large place in your home within a garden or the like, you should immediately use it to create exhibitions of art and painting. The Arab countries suffer from the presence of a few exhibitions in them, which gives you a huge competitive advantage, as well as the possibility of setting lower fees compared to other exhibitions.

You can attract outstanding or promising artists whose work is guaranteed. As for the method of profit through this project, it is represented in two basic ways: Either renting the hall to one artist or for a number of artists in return for a return that is agreed upon, or you can profit by imposing a percentage of the profits that you get in the event of selling one of the exhibition works, and in this case you will not impose Any money for using the hall.

4. Confectionery industry project

If you have skills in the field of cooking and making pastries, this does not mean that everyone has them. You can start making sweets at home and selling them on demand to various customers in your area. You can market your products on social media, or you can even create your own website from which you can receive orders.

The secret of the success of this project lies in the distinctive taste that it will present, in addition to your ability to compete with the specialized stores with prices, as you have reduced a lot of costs through your work at home.

5. Craft lessons project

If you have a specific craft or craftsmanship, you can take advantage of it through educational lessons in your home.

Designate one room in the house as a workshop for teaching a specific craft skill. You can attract students by helping them finish their projects for you in the workshop where they return home with an integrated project, which enhances their self-confidence and increases their enthusiasm for learning.

A project like this requires only the cost of the tools that you already use in your business.

6. Food production projects

There are a lot of projects that can be worked on in this area. Where you can work on the production of some foodstuffs that are difficult for families in general to manufacture, especially those distinctive luxury products, such as dried fruits or other products.

Try to focus on the way these products are also presented as well as the quality of their manufacture, and start working locally or even on the scale of your neighborhood neighbors.

7. A project to rent a room from the house

Do you have an extra room in your house? Then you can rent it out monthly or annually. You can rent it to a lot of college students who aren’t permanently residing in the city, who only have to look for a room during the school year.

You can also save your rent to either pay bills or pay off specific debts, or even invest it in other projects later.

8. Drawing lessons project

If you are a painter and own a studio in your home, this is a great opportunity to establish a profitable business with it.

Where you can take advantage of that place to set up drawing courses, in which you choose the times that suit you. And you can advertise courses for beginners as their numbers can be greater and thus the financial return will be greater.

9. Bicycle repair project

Bicycle repair usually does not require many skills, especially since most of these skills are learned from an early age by virtue of their constant use. If you have the basics for detailed bike repair and maintenance, you are ready to start your simple and profitable project.

Use your garden or garage as a place to receive your customers, who will often be neighborhood kids.

10. Project ideas for cooking classes

Cooking and cooking classes have become a popular trend, especially on the domestic scale in the Arab world. Where anyone with high skills in the food industry can start by announcing the establishment of courses and educational courses in this field.

You have to start marketing yourself first, and this is done either through the Internet and social media sites, which have now become an easy, free and effective means of marketing, or you can simply market for yourself if you are already working in the field of cooking and preparing food or sweets on demand from your home.

11. Private lessons project

You can start announcing your ability to give private lessons in your home now. Certainly, you specialize in a specific field, or you are very proficient in a subject, so that you can teach students and use your skills.

You can teach undergraduate students, for example, if you are competent and proficient in the required subjects, or you can even go to school students and choose the subjects that you tend to like and have high skill in them.

12. Accessory industry projects

Accessory is one of the products that women like to buy most often, and it is a commercial opportunity that you can use in designing accessories at home, and either sell them to accessory stores, or sell them on your own by building your brand yourself and then market it using social media.

You can then expand the project to include multiple types of accessories, and later you may need more labor, as you can allocate your own store to sell your products. You can start by designing simple pieces and try to get opinions of your friends and relatives before presenting your work.

13. A nursery project for various types of flowers

If you are interested and passionate about various types of flowers and plants, this project is considered one of the special small projects. You can start this project from home by using the garden of the house or something similar, and then you put small nurseries to sell.

You should have a wide knowledge of the types of plants and their names as well as their presence according to the seasons of the year, as well as how to care for the plants.

14. Gift basket design project

Gift wrapping design is expensive in boutiques and specialty stores, so you can take advantage of this idea, especially if you have a little bit of artistry with curiosity and learning. You can increase your knowledge of the latest packaging method and create similar matters through the Internet, and then apply them carefully and in an attractive way.

You can be creative by selling your friends and neighbors and then start directly marketing yourself using the Internet and you can even create a page for your products on Facebook to promote your business.

15. A project for shops or a sewing workshop

You can invest part of the house, and you can turn it into a sewing workshop inside the house. You can invest in a spacious room, part of the garden, or whatever you see fit.

You can then contract with a group of tailors to work within the workshop, and produce different products to sell, and here you will get the profit after selling those products. Or, you can rent a workplace to these tailors or by charging a fee or a certain amount for the rent on a monthly basis.

16. Blogging project from home

Blogging is one of the most fun and flexible ways to make money from home. You can work on your blog at any time during the day or night. You can also work for several hours at a time or work for short periods of time throughout the day. You can choose any topic that sparks your imagination and is popular with readers. Do you like chocolate? No problem, you can blog about chocolate. Do you like animals? Or photography? Whatever your interests, start a blog about it. Did you also know that you can make thousands of dollars just by blogging?

The key to successful blogging is choosing a topic that others would like to know and learn about, as well as posting new and interesting content on a regular basis. There are many ways to get income and make money from your blog including contextual ads like Adsense, as well as partner promotions, selling ad space and creating your own digital products like eBooks.

17. Home nursery project

Foster care is extremely important, as working mothers need someone to look after the children during the work period. You can take this opportunity to dedicate a room or part of the house to turn it into a home nursery, and of course you must be a fan of children and have the ability to deal with them and bear their behavior.

You can start your project within the scope of the neighborhood in which you live at an appropriate cost that suits the income level of the families that will deal with it. And you can create a table showing the activities that you can do that will teach children in addition to an appropriate atmosphere of entertainment and fun.

Your work in the neighborhood, especially if you have lived in it for a while, will make you gain the trust of your neighbors from parents, especially that you are safer than dealing with a stranger or a strange nanny.

18 ideas for selling handmade crafts

Are you proficient in making a specific craft, professional decoration or even writing in Arabic calligraphy? Why don’t you sell it then? The handicraft market is very special because there is almost no competition. The key to being successful in selling handicrafts is sourcing tools and supplies at reasonable prices, so that you still have a suitable profit margin when selling your business.

Once you have the craft tools and materials, selling them will first depend on reaching the market. Can you attend craft fairs, or can you sell them to various local stores? Or, you can sell it through Etsy, sell it online through your site, your social media page, or create a store of your business.

19. Project work as a writer

Writing is a fast and easy method, in addition to being a low-cost method, and you can work with it from home or freelance. Writing includes many sub-functions including essay writing, content marketing, authoring, blogging, and more.

You can do the writing process, and then sell your work on your own and quickly, through a blog, website, or in the case of e-books, through Amazon Kindle, Nook press and others. Or, you can even independently book for others.

You can find clients through your website or using social media sites such as LinkedIn.

20. Virtual Assistant

The profession of virtual assistant began to appear recently in the Arab world, but in a simple way, and this profession is mainly based on developing you a certain skill and then working to sell it simply by informing others that you can help them.

Since you don’t want to leave the house, there are many business service ideas that you can do online, such as web design, tutoring (by video), writing, virtual support, accounting, marketing, and more.

In fact, the profession of virtual assistant takes other, more sophisticated forms, but it did not begin to appear clearly in the Arab world, as it basically means that a person provides assistance to another person via the Internet and in the same field of work as well.

21. Ideas for handicraft sale projects

Handmade work is not limited to women’s accessories, jewelry or even artistic masterpieces, but there are many handicrafts that you can make at home to have many useful uses, such as: mobile accessories, car accessories, or even handicrafts that are used as decorative scenes.

You can of course sell it online through your website, your social media page, or by creating a store of your business.

It is important, while you are searching for profitable home or commercial project ideas, that you realize that owning a profitable project requires a lot of effort, work and research. This was a series of bunch of home business ideas that you can start working on right away.

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I have been working in wholesale trade for more than a year. I buy goods from Turkey and sell them in the entire Arab world, and there is an almost excellent mechanism for work, but the problem I face is finding buyers, despite the quality of the goods and their collection at relatively good prices.
Question: How is it possible to expand the work platform, and what is the next step?
Thank you in advance


What is a business plan?
A business plan is an essential roadmap to business success. This living document plans 3 to 5 years ahead, describing the direction of the company in terms of its goals and primary goals, and outlining the actions the company intends to take and the resources needed to achieve them.

A business plan is used for several purposes. Externally, their purpose is to attract financing or raise investment capital for the new company or additional capital for an existing company. Internally, it provides a documented framework for planning your business – from setting general goals and strategies to planning day-to-day activities, and forecasting the resources needed to start a business.


Pioneering ideas and at the same time profitable, but they need collective action, even if it is from several countries, the most important thing is credibility and honesty, that the site is clear to all, and the partnership is studied, and the management of the project is appointed and the administration controls the conduct and supervision of the work, and each partner can see the results of the project and everything that is going on in this The way we will be a team from several countries who get acquainted, love, produce and invest, and no matter how small the project is, by the passage of days, patience, seriousness and honesty one day it will become a gigantic project.



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