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Success Secrets – 10 Things Smart People Avoid When Successful

Things smart people avoid

When you hear the phrase “so-and-so intelligent”, what can you think of? Perhaps your thinking at that moment is directed towards those people who excel in their studies, or who can solve complex math problems. Although we agree with you in your viewpoint to some extent, but intelligence is not limited to those people, but exceeds them to other creative people who do wonderful things they love and believe in, and do not allow circumstances to manipulate them, which frustrates them and discourages them from achieving their goals.

Intelligent people have qualities that make them distinct from others, while at the same time they avoid making mistakes that others may make. So, what are those things that intelligent people avoid and be a reason for their success? In this interesting article, we’ll reveal 10 things that smart people avoid.

10 things smart people avoid in achieving their success

They don’t let past mistakes frustrate them:

Smart people know that mistakes are inevitable and cannot always be avoided, and that there is no success without failure. However, they do not allow these errors to affect them; It limits their movement and activity, continues their lives, and looks optimistically into the future. Intelligent people draw lessons from their mistakes and avoid repeating them, but they are able to convert them into success. So, be smart and don’t let past mistakes get you down.

Smart people don’t focus on the negative.

Intelligent people believe that our thoughts are what make us and make us; If you focus on the negatives only, your thoughts will be negative. Thus your life will be full of pessimism and negativity. They also believe that negativity disrupts the mind and body and pulls its owner back. The smartest know that life will be better when they use their abilities to dream, love, and hope for a better tomorrow. Be positive, to be smart, and not look at the empty half of the cup.

They do not run away from their problems.

Each of us has had problems in the past, that you are facing them in the present and will face in the future; Whether in his work, studies, financial or health matters; This is the year of life that cannot be denied or changed. The difference between smart people and others lies in their ability to face their problems with courage, and search for the most effective solutions to them, and they do not postpone solving their problems or turn a blind eye to them. They realize that its survival will only aggravate it and increase its complexity, making it difficult to resolve. When intelligent people falter, they rise and continue their journey, and they see that in every problem there are lessons that will make their future lives better. You too, be smart and face your problems with courage.

They don’t care too much about the opinions of others:

Of course, consulting and listening to others is a good and often required thing. However, intelligent people do not allow other people’s opinions to dominate their decisions, especially if they are negative or destructive. The world is full of envious, hateful, discouraged and cynical, and if you listen to all opinions and try to adopt them, then you will go crazy. People have different tastes, experiences, desires, and opinions, and you will not be able to satisfy everyone no matter what you try. So, be smart and surround yourself with intelligent people who advise you, share your interests and aspirations, push you forward and take pleasure in your success.

Smart people don’t waste time:

Time is more important than gold. You can buy gold, but you cannot buy time. And smart people know just that; Therefore, you find them developing their productive skills that help them work better and faster, and avoid everything that distracts them and wastes their valuable time. Smart people are good at managing time. You find them dividing their time between worship, work, sports, family, leisure and sleep. Be smart and do not waste your time in trivial matters, but invest it in everything that helps you in your success and achieve your goals.

Do not expect immediate and fast results:

Smart people know that patience – despite its difficulty – is one of the most important factors for success. When you plant a seed, you do not expect to receive the fruit immediately, and it must be nurtured and watered so that we can enjoy its benefits. So is life; Our grand goals and dreams are the seed, and effort, time, money, as well as patience must be put into reality, and at that time you will feel the value of your goals and dreams. Be smart and work hard and be patient, for God does not waste the reward of the one who does the best.

Smart people don’t focus on things out of their control:

Smart people do not occupy their thinking with things out of their control, such as traffic, weather, and even the provocations of some people. Therefore, we find them calm in such situations: They know very well that dealing with these situations with negativity and nervousness will not harm anyone but themselves. So be smart and maintain your calm and balance in situations beyond your control, and remember the words of the Blessed and Almighty: “The servants of the Most Merciful who walk on the earth are here, and if the ignorant addressed them they said peace.”

Don’t waste their time with simple-minded people:

Intelligent people surround themselves with people who share their interests and points of view, and turn completely away from people of simple minds who lead trivial lives without meaning or purpose; They realize that the people they interact with and the environment in which they live play an important role in shaping and refining their personalities and behavior. So, be smart as well and invest your time with all that is useful and with the right people.

Don’t act arrogantly:

The more intelligent and learned a person becomes, the more ignorant he is discovered. He became more humble. You will never encounter an intelligent person who talks about his mental abilities and mentions the extent of his superiority over everyone around him; Smart people are usually shy and think only about what can increase them with knowledge and knowledge, and they do not show off their achievements in front of others. So be smart as well and focus on what you are doing and avoid displaying your muscles and your abilities, and always say: Lord, increase me knowledge and humility.

Do not forget to say “thank you”:

Being able to show love and concern is one of the most important things in our life; The human being is a social being by nature, and the social being is the one who has the ability to give before he receives, and he initiates greetings and peace to others and does not wait for someone else to start it, and he thanks people and does not expect to be thanked from them. Intelligent people know that the world is not centered around them, and they believe in the power of kindness and giving thanks to all people; What you give to the world will reflect on you and its results will be back to you. So be smart, thank people, and show your interest in them.

These were some of the things smart people avoid falling into we love to share with you. And there may be other things that we do not know and others do; We do not claim to possess absolute knowledge, but rather believe that it is above all who is knowledgeable and knowledgeable. And thanks to everyone who read this article.

We have presented to you, dear reader, 10 things that smart people avoid in order to achieve their success, so do not forget to share and publish it with others so that the benefit is spread to everyone.

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The 10 Things Only Smart People Do


There are things only smart people do… Because they’re better than those who aren’t regarded as such, right? Well, not necessarily. However, smart people are dedicated and regimented individuals. They are persevering through the challenges of life, while performing a plethora of tasks on a daily basis to stay at the top of their game.

So, how is smartness determined? What does it mean when someone refers to these individuals as smart people? Does it mean having a high IQ? Significant talents? Maybe it’s all of those things. Perhaps, it’s none of those things. We don’t really know, since what we think of when we say someone is smart, isn’t a specific, measurable personality trait. It’s more of a combination of all of the above. Plus other characteristics that we may not even be aware of.

In this video, we take a look at some things smart people tend to do. If you already do these things, keep it up. If you don’t, you’ll probably want to start implementing some of the things mentioned in our list.

Smart people don’t seem to show their talent to the world like others , but they secretly know who they are and what their ability is . They know the fact very clearly that show off can only make a people proudly ,and hence proudly people stops learning thinking that they are already smarter and it leads to limited knowledge , but smart people are well aware of these facts.

Off the top of my head, I can think of three problems with this video: first, it has the potential to be click bait; second, it doesn’t factor in the possibility of mental illness which can affect sleep patterns; and third, it does not factor in learning styles. Some people are intellectual learners; some simply memorize things until they actually understand them; and some are intuitive learners.

Nice video. I stay awake till late. But recently I’m starting to think, that that’s actually not so good. Especially if you’re working over 45 hours a week. If you stay late in that case, you’ll be constantly sleep deprived. You enjoy your alone time, learning new things, participating in interesting discussions, but in the long run, the lack of sleep will have negative consequences to your brain and overall health and may lead to depression and mental disorders associated with the old age, like dementia and others. Briefly, if your brain doesn’t take enough rest – burns out faster. To keep your brain sharper for longer – get enough sleep. But even knowing that, I’m still struggling to make myself go to bed on time. Even now is late and I’m working early tomorrow… But I’m sure that I will learn to do it with the time.

I’ve “BINGO” in all 10 points (though I do not give a label like smart, just is…) But I’ve some comments… 1) I go thru late hours studying because it seems that your region’ s day is turned off (businesses closed, most people sleeping, pressures of the day are off etc, and you have more “silence” and focus. You are not bothered, called upon, pressed like during daytime. So it is perfect to study/ research/ plan more. 2) this kind of people hate wasting time like traffic gems, long traffic lights, slow elevators, waiting on line etc and more all they can to avoid or minimize them. A tip to save time doing 3 different things at once… being a man, I often take “pi”, pull the tub water and brush my teeth at the same time… this is one of many examples i have been refining over 30 years.

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