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10 secrets to success … billionaire Jack Ma (Alibaba)

Have you ever heard of a man called “Jack Ma”? I suspect many of you will answer: Of course, is the moon hidden! As for those who will answer no, we have not heard of it before, we say to them: Come, let us learn together about the story of the richest man in China. Unlike usual, we will not go into detailing his biography, but rather we will refer to it quickly, and focus our attention on uncovering the secrets of success that enabled this man to occupy a high position in the world of business and wealth.

“Jack Ma” is a Chinese businessman who owns a group of successful commercial companies on the Internet, and he is the first Asian businessman whose photo appears on the cover of American Forbes magazine. He is the former CEO of the Alibaba Group, which he founded and owns the popular commercial website Ali Express, before his retirement in 2013.)

Jack Ma was not a good student at all; He was bad in mathematics, and twice failed to get admission to the university, which he later described as the worst university in the country, but that did not prevent him from developing his English language by working in a hotel and having contact with foreign tourists so that he could finally enter the university and graduate from it as a language professor English with a salary of 12 dollars a month. And his dream was to work in trade, and he had what he wanted.

Although he founded one of the largest technology companies in the world, “Jack Ma” is not at all proficient in technology matters. The only thing he is good at using is his personal computer to send and receive emails and surf the Internet.

After this brief review of “Jack Ma” biography, we will now dive into that man’s sea in order to learn the secrets of his success as he tells it himself.

1. Get used to being rejected

Ma says that he applied for admission to the university over a period of three years, but his application was rejected, so he started submitting job applications and his application was rejected thirty times. So he went to look for work in the police service. Five people applied to that position, and Ma was the only one who had not been appointed. He adds that when KFC restaurants were opened in China, he and twenty-three people applied for a job, and all but him were accepted. And he adds, saying: He submitted ten applications to study at Harvard University, and his request was rejected every time, and he says – jokingly -: I said to myself, it is okay, because I will return to work as a teacher there in the future. Despite all this rejection, “Ma” did not surrender and was not discouraged, but rather promised himself that he was rejected.

2. Keep your dream alive

Jack Ma says: We at Alibaba have a simple secret. It’s like the phrase “Open Sesame”; Not that he kept your dream alive, and do not give it up, no matter what happened. Insisting on achieving the dream is a great secret of success.

3. Focus on the work culture

Some might think that Alibaba’s main strength is technology. However, Ma believes that the most important strength of his company is the interest in the work culture. The set of values ​​adopted by the employees, who number more than twenty thousand employees, stipulate that everyone supports and supports each other and do not focus only on achieving their personal interests, and this without any doubt pushes the company forward.

4. Ignore the frustrated

“Ma” says when I told some of my friends and acquaintances about the idea of ​​Ali Pay, which is an electronic payment system through the Internet, most of them replied that it was the most ridiculous idea they could think of. Today I tell them that this absurd idea is used by more than 800 million people around the world!

5. Be inspired

Ma believes that a person can be inspired by watching the successful people and how they do their work; So he can learn a lot of skills by watching movies in which he represents the stars of art, so he can benefit from that in acting according to his nature and that his words are automatic and stemmed from the instinct, without cost.

6. Always focus

He says “what” many successful opportunities may seem to you, and many people may offer you thousands of attractive ideas. But it may be wise to dismiss these thoughts and not pay attention to them not because they are a failure, but because they will distract you in your work.

7. Choose an interesting name

In one of the TV interviews, he was asked about the reason for choosing the name Ali Baba in particular, and he replied: I was busy choosing a name for the company that I intend to establish. And one day I was having lunch in a restaurant in San Francisco, and the waitress passed by me. I asked her: Do you know Alibaba? She smiled and answered: Open sesame. And then I shouted, “This should be the name of the company.” To add to my insistence, I went out into the street and asked a number of people the same question that I asked the waitress, and they all gave her the same answer. Today, if you type the letter “A” in English on Google, the first name that will appear in front of you is Alibaba.

8. Customer is always # 1

“Ma” says, “We at Alibaba believe that the customer comes first, the employee comes first, and the shareholders last. He adds: The shareholders may leave you if your company suffers from some difficult circumstances, and the employees may find a better opportunity, leaving their work in the company, and only the customer will remain; If you can continue to satisfy his needs, fulfill his desires and provide what he wants, then he will remain loyal to your company.

9. Do not complain. Look for opportunities

Here, Ma addresses the youth. He says: We always hear people complaining about the lack or the lack of opportunities. I tell them that the opportunities are many, and I stress that wherever there is a complaint, there are opportunities.

10. Be passionate

When you watch “Ma” addressing the team he heads, you clearly see the extent of his ambition and passion for achieving success and excellence. He believes that success is not impossible as long as there is will and determination to succeed. He tells them: We all have brains, but we must believe in our capabilities, insist on success, and look to the future with optimism. “We must have a goal and a plan to be able to compete with the tech giants not only in China, but also globally, because we are not missing anything,” he says.

In fact, what “Jack Ma” says and believes in represents the line that has been followed by all successful people in various fields; They dreamed a lot, but they woke up from their dreams and began to work, and they reached the farthest reaches of what they had dreamed of. So why not be like them and start planning to turn your dream into reality?

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– = MA’S RULES = –
1. Learn from the mistakes of others
2. Focus on quality, not size
3. Be the first
4. Prepare for the future
5. Respect your competitors
6. See challenges as opportunities
7. Believe
8. Surround yourself greatness
9. Live healthy
10. Have fun
– = BONUS = –
* Be a true leader
* Be resourceful

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