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10 keys to turning any idea into a successful project

Keys to turning any idea into a successful project

Many people have ideas to start their own business. The first thing that comes to the mind of most of these people is to think of looking for a financier to provide them with the money needed to establish and launch the project, without giving the idea the time and effort it needs to mature and become fit for implementation. Which often leads to project failure and loss. In this article, we will review 10 keys that can help develop an idea and turn it into a successful project.

10 keys to turning any idea into a successful project

Determine what the idea will add

What is meant here is that any idea must add something new of interest to people; It is not sufficient to be successful commercially, but rather to take into account the needs of society. Accordingly, it is necessary to define the tasks and tasks that the project will perform in order to add something new that benefits the community and the project owner at the same time. For example, someone might think of opening a new restaurant, and they might intend to provide low-calorie meals to help people who are obese. In such a case, the project work and tasks must be defined in line with the idea.

Ensure the power of the idea

No matter how attractive and convincing the idea is to its owner, it may not be so in relation to the market. Therefore, it must be ensured that the idea keeps pace with what is happening in the markets in terms of changes in the needs and desires of consumers, so the more your idea is innovative and meets a new need, it is certain that it will meet with acceptance and approval in the market. For example, if your idea is as we mentioned in the previous point, you must make sure that a good percentage of people who suffer from obesity accept the idea and see in it a solution to their problem. On the other hand, the ability of the idea to compete with similar projects must be appreciated. As a general rule, the more innovative an idea is, the more competitive and enduring it will be.

Set goals Before searching for a source of funding for a project idea, it is imperative to define the objectives that the project seeks to achieve. Here, it is not sufficient to think of short-term goals only, but rather long-term goals must be taken into account. Achieving harmony between the two types of goals is also important. So that achieving short-term goals leads to achieving long-term goals.

Team work

Of course, at some point you will need other people to help you with the tasks of the project. In this case, we advise you not to consider these people as just your employees who do what you tell them to do. It is even better if you consider them your partners, and motivate them to work and succeed on the basis that the results do not accrue only to you. Be assured that this will make them feel valued. Thus, providing the best of their potential to contribute to the success and continuation of the project.

Protection of rights

You should think about obtaining all the legal means that protect your intellectual rights from the imitation or exploitation of your idea by others. Obtain the necessary licenses, and register your trademark with the competent authorities; All of this will benefit your business and help it grow and continue in the future.

Estimating the value of the project

Use approved objective measures to estimate the value of your project. Such as profit rate, return on investment, sales quantity, market share and other metrics. If your project does not have an adequate value, it is better to dismiss your thoughts and turn to another, more valuable and appropriate idea.

Determine the means of communication with clients

The success of any idea depends on the ability of the project to communicate the messages about the value it provides to the target market. Here, it is necessary to emphasize an important matter, which is to identify customer reactions and opinions regarding the products or services provided by the project; Therefore, choosing the means of interactive communication is extremely important to obtain feedback and use it in developing and improving products in the future. There is no doubt that what is available in the current era of social media of all kinds contributes greatly to the achievement of the above, and you only have to choose what suits you to communicate with your customers to be your strategic allies later.

Product diversification

Product diversification policy is essential for the growth and continuity of the enterprise in the long term; Consumers’ needs and desires change and evolve over time. Here comes your role in exploiting the opportunities that result from these changes and translating them into new products that will bring you profit and increase the possibilities for expansion and survival of the project. Diversification also plays a key role in reducing the risk that the project may face in the event of continuing to provide a single product, especially if the volume of demand for this product decreases or a stronger competing product appears.

Determine the method of financing

Some emerging projects may obtain financing through a bank loan, or through an investor entrepreneur, and in other cases, they may offer their shares for public subscription. In each case, consideration must be given to the advantages and caveats of each method, the extent to which it is consistent with the objectives of the project, and other factors determining the selection of the financing method.


In the event that the project succeeds or fails, the reasons that led to it must be identified and dealt with on the basis that they are useful points for studying any new idea, before it turns into a real project.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the mere existence of an idea does not mean that its owner should start looking for a financier to convert it into a project. Rather, it is preferable to take the time to study it in light of the ten keys that we have talked about in this article to ensure its suitability for implementation.

We have presented to you, dear reader, 10 keys to convert any idea into a successful project, do not forget to share it and spread it with others so that the benefit is spread to everyone.

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